Hurricane Season: Why Hurricane Windows Matter Now

Hurricanes are no joke. It’s no mystery to anyone who has lived in any coastal area for an extended period of time that hurricanes can cause great damage to homes and property; installing hurricane Windows are a necessity for many homes, as well as for office buildings and other establishments.

Hurricane season, which spans from June 1st through November 30th, is the Window of time during which hurricanes are most likely to appear. During the five-month Window, conditions are most optimal for tropical storms to form in the Atlantic (and Eastern Pacific, though their season begins on May 15th).

From Hurricane Irene to Katrina, the devastation these storms can cause is well documented. In the 2005 season alone, Atlantic hurricanes resulted in an estimated 3,913 deaths and approximately $159.2 billion in damages. Winds can reach 120 miles per hour, picking up all kinds of debris that instantly turn into deadly projectiles that can injure or kill people and wipe out homes and property. In Florida, structures without hurricane Windows get severely damaged and even entire cities can get inundated.

But the problem is that our awareness seems to end with the last storm of each season. What most people don’t understand is that now is the time to equip your homes with hurricane Window protection Systems that prevent damage from these winds.

CitiQuiet posits that hurricane Windows for its Florida customers are the most effective solution to these gusts, and for good reason. In Florida, its hurricane Windows are a permanent, one-time installation that is guaranteed to secure your home against damage from these winds.

Hurricane Irene, one of the costliest hurricanes to strike the northeast, is a prime example of why a lack of preparedness can be deadly. You can’t predict when hurricanes are going to hit – as was the case with Irene, you rarely have more than a few day’s notice to secure your home.

What options do you have with just a few days’ notice? Taping Windows are proven to be completely ineffective and do not bolster your Windows’ structural integrity. Shutters are an option valued for their cost-effectiveness and removability, but are hard to come by and install during panic situations. Boarding up Windows with plywood is another option, but it’s also another example of lack of preparation; running to the nearest hardware store and picking up a few pieces of plywood isn’t really an option during a storm.

Installing hurricane Windows in Florida homes and buildings, as well as for other structures in cities frequented by hurricanes, is arguably the soundest investment. Hurricane Window protection Systems that use laminated glass offer the greatest amount of defense from damage, but a custom-made hurricane Window, even from CitiQuiet, requires several weeks of time to ship, manufacture, and install.

The time is now to arm your home in Florida with hurricane Windows that protect your home, family, and belongings from the devastation we all know hurricanes can bring. Only with hurricane Window protection do you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are safe any time of the year, and do not need to make additional arrangements when the media is abuzz with panic again over the latest tropical storm.

Over the next few months, CitiQuiet will be diligently reminding its readers to be prepared and equip their homes with hurricane Windows in Florida. We’re still well over two months away from hurricane season, but time is ticking.

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