Introducing CitiQuiet’s newest offering, Sneeze Guards. These sneeze guards act as portable or permanent barriers to help protect your workers from direct contact with airborne germs. They serve as a much-needed barrier between your employees and customers in an effort to keep everyone safe and provide an additional sense of security. These sneeze guards can be used in office buildings at desks, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, deli’s, gas stations, and more. The benefits that the sneeze guards provide are applicable in any setting and will bring additional peace of mind to any industry with customer interactions at this time.

Sneeze Guard Glass

These sneeze guards are made with ¼ inch thick clear acrylic, which acts as a barrier to airborne germs that could usually be transferred during typical everyday interactions. The durability and reliability of the sneeze guard acrylic allow for it to be used as a permanent solution. The acrylic is sturdy, clear, and will act as a steady protectant to keep you, your children, your employees, and your customers safer.

Why Do I Need Sneeze Guards?

Unfortunately, at this time, all of us are being greatly impacted by the current widespread effects of COVID-19. Many businesses and schools are shut down or struggling because of the limits on human interaction and distancing. Certain businesses remain open as essential workplaces but are filled with limitations and fears of contact between customers and the employees. On the other hand, as certain businesses, and schools begin to reopen and people’s need for certain products and services reemerge, the threat of interaction and improper distancing may continue to weigh heavily on everyone’s minds. In both of these instances, any additional measures that can be taken to protect all of us are going to be both appreciated and beneficial to all involved. These sneeze guards are just one way that CitiQuiet can help keep us all safe and at ease so that we all can begin to thrive once again.

Adapting to COVID-19

With COVID-19 presenting a new normal for the workplace, CitiQuiet is working on the front lines to help businesses, schools, and health care adapt to the new normal/ Social distancing and masks will help contain the spread and continue to flatten the curve. In some settings, social distancing is not plausible. CitiQuiet is pleased to have a solution for these circumstances. The Sneeze Guard is the newest product addition to the many great product lines CitiQuiet offers.
Sneeze Guard Products COVID-19

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Our panels are custom designed specifically to your needs and options are available for custom cutouts. These sneeze guards are 1/4″ clear acrylic and are easy to clean and disinfect. We offer permanent and portable options, depending on the needs of your environment. CitiQuiet Sneeze Guards are made right in our Long Island City, New York factory. Lead times for this product are as quick as one week. If you are interested, please call 222-874-5362 or email [email protected] for a quote.
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