Do Soundproof Windows Work

If you live in a busy city or noisy neighborhood, you have likely spent some time exploring ways to reduce the amount of noise that enters the interior of your home or office. From installing plush carpet to hanging thick drapes and curtains, there are a number of quick fixes many will try to keep out unwanted sounds. Another popular choice most people will consider is soundproof windows. Specially designed to significantly reduce and even eliminate outside noise, soundproof windows are an effective approach to create a more calm and peaceful home environment. Despite the proof, many still find themselves wondering, do soundproof windows work?


Read on to learn how soundproof windows work, as well as the positive impact CitiQuiet has had for individuals and families across the country.


What are soundproof windows & How They Work


Because most residential windows do not perform well against outside noises including cars, airplanes, and construction, soundproof windows have been designed to create a sound resistant barrier that reduces the amount of noise that can travel into interior spaces. What differentiates soundproof windows from the average window is that they are constructed using thick laminated glass. Thick glass is essential for soundproofing because this added mass prevents sound waves from traveling as they might otherwise be able to.


Soundproof windows are built to withstand low frequencies noises – such as thunder, or a car’s thumping bass – as well as high-frequency noises, such as the sound of sirens, or screeching brakes. Because there are so many different types and brands of soundproof windows available on the market, it goes without saying that not all options are created equal. To give consumers total transparency, all soundproof windows are given an industry rating that reflects how well they reduce noise. The higher the rating, which is known as the sound transmission class (STC), the higher the quality of the soundproof window.


While the average single-pane window has an STC rating of about 27, top quality soundproof windows will carry an STC rating closer to 45 and above.


Why Choose CitQuiet Soundproof Windows?


CitiQuiet soundproof windows are capable of eliminating up to 95% of existing noise making them the right choice for both home and office settings. Even better, our windows are incredibly energy efficient offering a 99% reduction in dirt and drafts. We are the go-to option for many families and businesses in highly populated areas like New York City who are no stranger to constant disruptive noise.


Further, CitiQuiet soundproof windows boast impressive STC ratings that range from 29 for our ⅛” interior window and up to much higher as you increase glass and lamination thickness.


CitiQuiet Customer Testimonials


While a high STC rating will indicate how well a particular soundproof window can perform against unwanted outside noise, the best way to tell if a particular manufacturer is the right choice is through customer testimonials. For decades, CitiQuiet has received feedback from satisfied customers across the country who have trusted us with their soundproofing needs. But don’t just take our word for it. The following testimonials demonstrate what you can expect when choosing CitiQuiet soundproof windows:


“We live in Midtown Manhattan. I’d had another night of very little sleep because of the noise outside. Another resident and I were discussing this problem, and a third party said, “Gosh, we have these wonderful windows. I slept perfectly last night.” We got the information, CitiQuiet Windows. They’re the best investment we have ever made.”


“CitiQuiet is one of our most valued vendors. From a one-bedroom residential Soundproof Window to an entire building CitiQuiet has served us for over twenty years with quality Windows and unparalleled service.”


“As Murray Hill is now a 24/7 community construction and city noises have increased exponentially. We first installed CitiQuiet Windows in our photography studio to cut down on the noise, however, we have also benefited from reduced dust, drafts, reduced air conditioning and heating costs. I highly recommend CitiQuiet Windows.”


“CitiQuiet Windows completely upgraded the quality of our guest’s dining experience with these amazing picture Windows. Not only does CitiQuiet provide great Soundproof Windows but when it comes to picture-perfect Windows… CitiQuiet is my choice.”


“There was so much noise and so much dirt and so much construction, we had to do something. We run a photo studio here and another business and we could hardly hear ourselves talk on the phone. We initially went for the Quiet to cut down on noise, and what we found out afterward that it was really made it a lot cleaner. It was warmer and cooler and we didn’t use as much air conditioning, so we’ve had it 3 or 4 years now, and I don’t know what we would’ve done without them.”


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If you want high quality, effective soundproof windows for your home, office, or place of business, CitiQuiet is the right choice. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs, and learn about the solutions we have available that will help you create a more peaceful and comfortable environment.

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