Soundproof Window Styles

CitiQuiet and their expert team of soundproof window technicians frequently get the question ‘what window types does CitiQuiet install?’. Our usual answer is that we’ve never met a window that we cannot soundproof.

Old, new, large or small; CitiQuiet will install soundproof windows into any and all windows. Due to our custom installation process, we are able to come to your home or office, measure your existing window, and have custom cut soundproof windows arrive at your home or office on the day of the installation. The window will fit perfectly into your existing window, again, not changing the look of your existing window at all.

With NYC having a wide array of buildings from historic to modern-day design; CitiQuiet’s professional NYC team will set up an appointment at the home or office you wish to soundproof, analyze the window, and go back to our team at our factory to have them create a custom soundproof window. Our soundproof window will be measured, cut, and installed to appear exactly as your current window does, no matter the age, design, or style of your window.

We are so confident in our product and our customer’s experience that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 1-inch acoustic pane glass and 50% money-back guarantee for all other glass windows. Contact our NYC office today to review the specifics of your windows, needs, and expectations and we’ll send an expert out to meet with you.


Single paned windows

      • Only contain one layer of glass

Double paned windows

      • Contain two layers of glass

Windows with air conditioning units attached

      • Some NYC homes or offices have windows with attached air conditioning units. This is something the CitiQuiet team is faced with regularly and can easily remove the unit, install our soundproof windows, and reintall the unit into your window.

Casement windows

      • A window that is attached to a frame by hinges.

Awning windows

      • Windows that are hinged at the top and open outward.

Horizontals sliders

      • Windows that slide left and right.

Bay windows

      • Typically large windows that project outward from a wall.

Double hung windows

      • Windows that will move up and down and tilt.

Stationary windows

      • Normal windows that do not move and do not open.

Slider windows

      • A window that ‘slides’ or moves horizontally (left and right)

Older windows

      • Windows that are in buildings that have been around for hundreds of years.

Picture windows

      • Typically a large window with just one pane of glass.

Specialty windows

    • Any and all windows, CitiQuiet can soundproof. Whether you have a one-of-a-kind window, or a standard window, we can soundproof it.

1/4″-3/8″ Glazing 3 Lite Slider Windows

The CitiQuiet 3 lite slider slides easily from left to right and right to left on our patented hidden roller system. The center panel can remained stationary or slide as well.

When operating the CitiQuiet window, you can have complete access to your primary window.

Each soundproof glass sash is easily removed if so desired.

This CitiQuiet window comes in standard white and bronze, but for an additional cost can be custom color matched to any color you desire.

Whatever style your NY home or office may have, CitiQuiet is equipped with the expertise to install a custom solution.

Call us today for a quote or to ask any additional questions.

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