After deciding you are going to invest in a soundproof window system with NYC based company, CitiQuiet, you will be asked to measure your windows and submit the information online.

Our professional NYC team will always measure your windows for you before we manufacture your soundproof windows in our NYC shop, although it’s good for us to have a general idea of sizing before we come to quote.

Below are step-by-step instructions from the CitiQuiet NYC team on how to measure your windows:

Step #1: Measure the width of the window

Width is the horizontal length across your window. Width is also known as the ‘left to right’ distance across your window.

Step #2: Measure the height of the window

Height is the vertical length of your window. Height is also known as the distance from top to bottom.

how to size your soundproof window

Step #3: Submit online to CitiQuiet

We’ve made it as easy as possible to submit your window measurements to our team before we come to your home. It’s as simple as clicking here and filling out the information – then you’re done!

CitiQuiet Measurement Tip:

Make sure to use a tape measurer for all measurements. If you are unfamiliar with a tape measurer, please watch this video for more information.

After you’ve submitted your window measurements, you will receive a response from our NYC professional team within 48 hours. We will work with you to schedule a convenient time to come to your home or office and view your current window systems to ensure that you receive the best soundproof windows possible for your space.

If at any point in the process of measuring your windows you need help, please give our team a call at 212-874-5362 and we’ll walk you through the steps above!