Why CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows?

Everything you need to know about CitiQuiet and some questions you may have along the way.

Living in the hustle and bustle of New York City can oftentimes become noisy. In a city that literally never sleeps…you sometimes need some peace and quiet. CitiQuiet services homes, office buildings, and commercial contractors to help eliminate up to 95% of outside noise. Whether you are working, sleeping, or constructing a new building in a noisy area of town; CitiQuiet has state of the art soundproof window solutions to fit your needs.

Why do I need CitiQuiet’s Soundproof Windows?

Our windows…

  • Remove up to 95% of outside noise.
  • Do not tamper in any way with the look and feel of your current window.
  • Increase the value of your home.
  • Are energy efficient.
  • Significantly reduce dirt and drafts

Why would an office or commercial building need soundproof windows?

CitiQuiet has worked with countless commercial buildings in areas where offices or residential building want to ensure that the people who live or work there have a quiet place to retreat. Typically soundproof windows are installed in conference rooms, CEO offices, and meeting rooms. For confidentiality reasons, a lot of times they install them to ensure that meetings are kept private and those outside of the room cannot hear what is being discussed. Financial institutions, medical institutions, law offices, etc take privacy very seriously and will often install soundproof windows.

Commercial companies get bulk discounts based on the volume they order windows for office soundproofing.

Why would a residential area or home need soundproof windows?

CitiQuiet’s team works extensively with building management and will take care of everything for you. As window installation veterans in the NYC area, they are very familiar with all protocols, procedures, and policies, and will ensure that they meet all building rules and regulations before installing the windows in your home, apartment, or living space. Leave it to our team to deal with the administrative details…you just enjoy your new windows. CitiQuiet has installed tens of thousands of noise canceling windows in residential areas. Not only do they not tamper with the look or feel of your current window (installed on the interior of your existing window), they do not structurally impact the existing window, which makes it an easy choice for those renting or owning a home. Not to mention, we will remove any window coverings, air conditioning units, etc that may be in the way and reinstall them after we have added the soundproof windows.

Are there any windows that CitiQuiet does not work with?

We do it all – we have yet to come across a window that we can not soundproof. Whether you have historic windows, modern, large, or small – CitiQuiet is an expert team of soundproofers who can install soundproof window systems into any window – home, residential, or commercial – we’re your guys.

How does CitiQuiet work with building contractors?

We are constantly working with building / property management – almost every one of the jobs go through management to some extent. Familiar with all protocols and policies in NYC and what needs to be done to get approval and abide by all guidelines.

For more information and frequently asked questions, refer to our FAQs here.

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