Laminated Windows Benefits

Whether you live in a busy city or quiet suburb, noise and break-ins are unfortunately an obstacle that no neighborhood is completely immune to. To better protect the important people and possessions in your life, you’ve likely considered and maybe even installed security measures such as an alarm or cameras. With all the latest technology available, many overlook another line of defense that works incredibly well to prevent theft into homes, offices, and other spaces: windows. In a single blow, standard windows crack and crumble, putting valuables at risk to be taken. Tempered glass is better, but still weak against a determined thief.

The best barrier to prevent your possession from being taken are laminated windows. Laminated windows hold up against repeated blows, keeping what you want protected safe from prying eyes. Read on to learn more about laminated windows, and why you should consider investing in this security measure.

What are Laminated Windows?

So what are laminated glass windows? Also referred to as laminated security glass, laminated windows are a type of safety glass that can be installed for both automotive and architectural purposes. Unlike a standard glass window, laminated security glass is constructed with an inner layer of plastic that holds together two outer layers of glass in place. This unique design makes windows exponentially more durable in the event of damage. Better yet, should the glass receive a blow or two (or more), the glass will not shatter, virtually making laminated glass burglar proof. Instead, it remains in the frame. In the event of a break-in, this construction of laminated glass creates what seems to be an impenetrable barrier, thwarting off thieves looking for a quick in and out.

Benefits of Laminated Glass Windows

There are plenty of reasons to invest in laminated windows. While plenty of customers purchase laminated windows for security and safety, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Laminated glass windows are also effective for solar energy and UV control, durability, as well as sound reduction. In fact, laminated windows noise reduction capabilities are one of the most popular reasons for purchasing laminated windows for home and office spaces that need added protection against external noise.

Laminated Glass Noise Reduction

One of the best benefits to installing laminated glass in your home or office space is the noise reduction that results because of the design of this specific type of window. Laminated windows sound reduction occurs because of the added insulation that prevents noise from transmitting through the layers, offering peace and quiet where it’s needed. Laminated glass sound reduction is largely dependent on the thickness of the glass and inner layer. It may seem obvious, but the thicker each layer the more soundproofing capabilities the window will offer. Many forms of laminated glass have received stellar Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings, a universally recognized measurement of how much sound a barrier effectively blocks. In some cases, laminated glass can reduce perceivable noise by 50% and more. So, after installation, disruptions and distractions from noisy traffic, the neighbor’s roaring lawn mower, or passing cars thumping music will be a thing of the pass.

Laminated Glass Windows Cost

There are number of factors that go into determining laminated windows cost. For example, for the most accurate price estimate you would need to know the style of window to be fitted with acoustic laminated glass windows, the size of the wind and frames, the number of windows in the home or office space, and the specific type of laminated glass to be purchased.

CitiQuiet laminated windows are an incredibly smart long-term investment, and most are available at affordable price points, often costing less than one might think. If you’re on the fence about purchasing laminated glass windows, keep in the mind the priceless offering of peace of mind, safety and security this product provides to home and business owners aiming to protect their loved ones and valuables. Breaking laminated glass is incredibly challenging, therefore many believe that acoustic laminated glass cost for security alone is worth the investment. However, the added benefit of laminated glass soundproofing makes this product truly worth it.

At CitiQuiet, we are standing by to walk you through the various laminated window options available to you to fit your unique needs and the needs of your space. Contact us today to speak with a representative who can share more on the benefits of laminated windows, cost, and installation process.

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