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CitiQuiet’s Soundproof Window in NYC company specializes in providing serenity to those confronted with temporary and permanent noise conditions. Our soundproof windows are backed with an unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the amount of noise that we’ve eliminated from your home or your office, we will give you back your money one hundred percent and remove the windows. CitiQuiet – soundproofing New York, one window at a time.

CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows in NYC is a vertically integrated company based in New York. We manufacture, we market, and we install, so no one touches Citiquiet windows but an employee or a certified installation technician. All of our technicians are factory trained in New York City and then trained in the field before they get to install their first soundproof window.

  • Have you been suffering day and night from outside noises like garbage trucks, car alarms, airplanes, sirens, construction, fire trucks, loud music, people shouting, horns, and barking dogs?
  • Is your child’s sleep being interrupted by harsh NYC sounds leaving them frightened and unable to rest comfortably and keeping you awake?
  • Are your employees too distracted by outside noise to be able to work effectively and be 100% productive?

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Soundproof Windows in New York City

CitiQuiet is the original designer, manufacturer and installer of the patented CitiQuiet Soundproof Window Systems and we have thousands of very satisfied customers throughout NYC and beyond who love our soundproofing windows. We pride ourselves in providing sanctuary from unwanted noise and allowing our clients to enjoy their environments without having to tolerate the stress and anxiety that unwanted sound creates. Our soundproof and noise reduction windows have the ability to bring some peace and quiet into your life. We will install your windows in just ONE WEEK from order for all NYC based residents (restrictions may apply). Call us today for details.

It gives us a great feeling of satisfaction to know that we are truly providing noise reduction value to our customers and the stories they will share with you on our website about our soundproof windows are real. Noise pollution is a problem in most urban and city areas, specifically New York City, and there is an abundance of opportunity to help where so many copycats or rigged systems have failed before. In many cases, potential CitiQuiet customers do not even know that soundproof windows like ours exists and once they find out that we can solve their longstanding noise issues, they are anxious to get started. Contact us today for a free soundproof window estimate.

  • Effective Up to 95% Noise Elimination
  • Versatile Perfect for Homes & Offices
  • Energy Efficient Save Money on Energy Costs
  • Hassle Free No construction, No alteration, No building approval
woman next to citiquiet windows

Bringing peace & quiet to the city that never sleeps

CitiQuiet Windows completely upgraded the quality of our guests dining experience with these amazing picture Windows. Not only does CitiQuiet provide great Soundproof Windows but when it comes to picture perfect Windows… CitiQuiet is my choice.

Testimonials from satisified customers

Not only are CitiQuiet's Windows the most widely known Soundproof Windows in NYC, they are manufactured to superior standards and carry a 100% satisfaction warranty.

Working in conjunction with your existing Windows, CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows can be installed in bedrooms, living rooms, conference rooms, and a whole host of applications.

Our Unique Manufacturing Process

CitiQuiet is one of our most valued vendors. From a one bedroom residential Soundproof Window to an entire building CitiQuiet has served us for over twenty years with quality Windows and unparalleled service.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

These windows make a huge difference. After having an apartment in the city for years, and hearing the whole world outside, i thought it was time for some peace and quiet. I researched the best windows and companies, and each time CitiQuiet made the very short list. I am so happy i went with them. They are extremely professional ( a rarity these days) timely, and the service was great. I can highly recommend them.
stephen seli
stephen seli
17:17 17 Oct 18
Citiquiet has amazing service and are very professional. They are affordable and on time. The level of noise elimination is fantastic. I highly recommend them.
Andrea Raimondi
Andrea Raimondi
17:13 15 Oct 18
I couldn’t have imagined a smoother and more pleasant experience. Mike and his team were attentive and promptly provided me with the best options of windows for my space. Every question I had was promptly answered by his office staff. I used to be able to hear the bus and cars from outside my window and now it sounds completely quiet! I didn’t even know this was possible in New York City. I wholeheartedly recommend!!
Leah Silver
Leah Silver
17:43 14 Jun 18
We recently moved into a new space in the meat packing district. Between the construction and night life, it was impossible to sleep at night due to the noise. We were told by friends to contact CitiQuiet windows. They responded in 24 hours, provided us with a great price and had the windows installed within one week. And what was really impressive was that it only took two hours for the installation. Their crew was professional, respectful of our home and truly did a wonderful job. Because of CitiQuiet we can sleep soundly and enjoy our new apartment. I highly recommend CitiQuiet.
17:42 04 May 18
Great work ethic, attention to detail, and attentive, all qualities I look for when getting work done. By far the best when it comes to windows. Thumbs up!
Frank Fortino
Frank Fortino
15:59 30 Oct 18
Pros. Both the service and the hardware are 5-star.
David Wood
David Wood
15:28 08 May 19
Although I had a bad experience with the initial installation of my CitiQuiet windows, I’m now changing my review from 1 to 4 stars. A few days after I posted my 1-star review, I received an email directly from CitiQuiet’s owner, and after I explained to him what had happened, he did everything he could to remediate the issues I had. He demonstrated he really cares about his customers’ satisfaction and the reputation of his company. I’m satisfied with the product I received, and not giving 5 stars only because of the problems I had initially, which as I said, were later on resolved.
Carlos Victoria
Carlos Victoria
03:15 06 Aug 19
We didn’t have windows installed, but the consultation was professional, on time, and fair.
Frances Angulo
Frances Angulo
15:22 15 Aug 19