Soundproof Windows That Add Market Value

There are many reasons to add CitiQuiet soundproof windows to your home or office. Most people’s intention with installing CitiQuiet soundproof windows in their spaces is to reduce excess noise. However, there is one reason that you may not have considered. Installing CitiQuiet windows provides the ability to add market value to your property!

Soundproofing Adds Value

A quieter, more peaceful space in the city makes your property more attractive to buyers. A home without intrusive noise that disrupts sleep is a luxury that people may not know they need until they experience the calm oasis.

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A quiet office building allows for greater productivity and fewer workflow disruptions, making it attractive to buyers, tenants, and working employees.

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Thermal Benefits Add Value

As more individuals and local governments recognize the necessity of a decreased carbon footprint, your CitiQuiet windows add value to your space.

In some places like New York City, CitiQuiet is working with property owners to make buildings more energy-efficient. In 2019, NYC passed a law, Local Law 97, that will require large buildings to cap their carbon emissions. The law, which is being implemented over time, will require buildings over 25,000 square feet to meet strict greenhouse gas emission limits by about 2024. Failure to comply with this new law will result in major fines and penalties, something that no property owner will want to face. There is no need to worry, however. CitiQuiet is providing guidance, expertise, and training to help owners comply! Learn more about how CitiQuiet can help with this particular issue at our blog on Local Law 97 and compliance today! 

Energy efficiency translates not only to lower emissions but also to lower heating and cooling costs.

Our soundproof windows that add market value keep heat from escaping through inadequate windows in the winter. They can also reduce the loss of air conditioning as well as the radiant heat entering your space in the summer. Your home or office is more comfortable in every season with soundproof windows that reduce drafts by 99%!

Installing CitiQuiet soundproof window inserts gives you both short-term and long-term benefits. It lowers the bills and protects the environment while helping your property comply with local efficiency regulations. You may be able to sell or lease your space for a higher price when you take measures to curb energy consumption!

Humidity Control Adds Value

Controlling the moisture in a home or office helps components and furnishings last longer. Excess humidity can damage sensitive documents, antique furniture, and other belongings.

Similar to soundproofing, controlled humidity is something not everyone will recognize until they experience it. A potential buyer looking at your property in the heat of the summer and enjoying the controlled moisture will place a greater value on your space.

Improved Indoor Air Quality Adds Value

City air is sometimes dirty air. Even suburban or rural air can bring dust and dirt into your home. With CitiQuiet soundproof window inserts, your home will stay safe, and you’ll breathe cleaner air. In the past, we may have taken clean air for granted. As we learn more about the harmful effects of air pollution, clean indoor air adds value to your home.

Our soundproof windows that add market value offer an extra level of protection against dirt, dust, and other air pollutants. People with sensitivities to common pollutants want a space where they can breathe comfortably. Young families want a home where the air is clean for their children.

Everyone wants less dirt and dust to clean. Our innovative inserts reduce dirt coming through your windows by 99%. Once you install CitiQuiet soundproof windows, your interior air will be cleaner. Pollutants and dirt face an extra barrier to entry into your space.

Fully Operational Soundproof Windows That Add Market Value

With CitiQuiet soundproof inserts, your windows remain fully and easily operational. You can open them whenever you like, and potential buyers will appreciate having all the benefits of soundproof windows without the drawback of being sealed into their space.

Our soundproof windows can also be removed, adding value without removing future options.

 Easy Installation Adds Value

CitiQuiet windows do not require construction or the alteration of your existing windows or frames. Your building retains its original aesthetics, and you get to keep your original windows and add all of the benefits of our soundproof inserts.

Every benefit of CitiQuiet soundproof windows has the potential to add market value to your property. The thermal benefits of our window inserts will continue to increase the value of your property as more cities require lower carbon emissions. Buyers are also willing to pay more for an energy-efficient property that reduces their energy costs.

CitiQuiet is increasingly aware of how noise and indoor air pollution adversely affect our population’s health. A clean, quiet space has an overall greater market value.

benefits of soundproof windows
benefits of soundproof windows

CitiQuiet’s soundproof windows that add market value offer benefits that other windows can’t match. Add in the versatility and ease of installation, and you’ve added significant value to your property. Call CitiQuiet today to discuss the increased market value that installing Citiquiet soundproof windows can offer your space! 

Other Benefits of CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows

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