Soundproofing an Office: Factors to Determine the Level of Noise Reduction You Need

When Soundproofing an office, it is necessary to note the nature of the business to be conducted there and the amount of ambient noise surrounding the area. These will determine the kind of Windows you need to enable smooth, undisturbed operations.

Walls provide the majority of noise reduction in any office space, but Windows are a structural weakness that sound travels through easily. By installing Soundproof Windows, you can improve the overall noise reduction in your office without having to resort to expensive acoustics installations.

Depending on factors such as thickness, glass quality, and glass treatment, Soundproof Windows can block anywhere from 60% to 95% of ambient sound, creating nearly virtual silence for any type of office. The necessary type of Window will depend on its Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating, its location, the type of business it’s for, and the existing infrastructure of the office.

What is Sound Transmission Class?

To determine the effectiveness of a Soundproof Window, you must know its Sound Transmission Class. STC is a measure of the amount of noise resistance provided by different objects. The higher the STC rating is, the greater the noise reduction. A standard wood frame Window has an STC rating of 13, while a basic Soundproof Window has an STC rating of 29. This means that it reduces apparent loudness by more than half.


If your office is in a neighborhood with little foot traffic or passing vehicles, Windows with a lower STC rating may be sufficient. On the other hand, if your office is located in a business district or some other locale that traffic passes through 24/7, it would be best to install Windows with a higher STC rating. A ground floor building would also require more Soundproofing than an office on the 20th floor of a high-rise building.

Type of Business

A quiet workplace environment boosts employee productivity, but some businesses tolerate ambient noise better than others. In a recording studio, for example, noise reduction is essential. A busy telecommunications firm would be able to tolerate a higher level of noise from the outside because the office itself does not require total silence in the environment.

Existing Infrastructure

A Soundproof Window is only as good as the wall it is installed in. If your wall is made of gypsum board or some similarly frail material, the STC rating of your Window may be higher than your wall’s. This renders a Soundproof Window virtually ineffective, as ambient noise can travel through the wall. In this case, it may be more effective to improve the Soundproofing of the wall itself.

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