Customer Testimonials

Listen to what our clients and associates have to say about CitiQuiet and CitiQuiet Windows.

CitiQuiet Windows completely upgraded the quality of our guests dining experience with these amazing picture Windows. Not only does CitiQuiet provide great Soundproof Windows but when it comes to picture perfect Windows… CitiQuiet is my choice.

If it were not for CitiQuiet Windows I would not have purchased the building we currently own and operate Incremental Media out of. CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows originally promised about an eighty percent reduction in noise, and we have actually obtained at least a ninety five percent reduction in noise. I highly recommend CitiQuiet Windows.

As Murray Hill is now a 24/7 community construction and city noises have increased exponentially. We first installed CitiQuiet Windows in our photography studio to cut down on the noise, however, we have also benefited from reduced dust, drafts, reduced air conditioning and heating costs. I highly recommend CitiQuiet Windows.

CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows literally changed my life as now I can sleep. CitiQuiet Windows are the best investment we ever made and now I sleep without being disturbed throughout the night by the sounds of the city.

CitiQuiet is one of our most valued vendors. From a one bedroom residential Soundproof Window to an entire building CitiQuiet has served us for over twenty years with quality Windows and unparalleled service.

I couldn’t be happier with my Windows. I just had a second set installed, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has noise concerns.

They’ve done pretty much every kind of window I’ve needed. Our portfolio’s mainly commercial windows, lofts and offices. He’s also done one building we have that’s residential. He’s always addressed everything I’ve needed. From the smallest most difficult job, to a full-blown 30,40,50 window installation in one shot.

We live in Midtown Manhattan. I’d had another night of very little sleep because of the noise outside. Another resident and I were discussing this problem, and a third party said, “Gosh, we have these wonderful windows. I slept perfectly last night.” We got the information, CitiQuiet Windows. They’re the best investment we have ever made.

My name is Brad Rubano. I am the owner and chef of Wildfish Restaurant here in Freeport, New York. We have windows and doors from CitiQuiet. CitiQuiet is a wonderful window and door company, where they came to our restaurant when we did construction and installed all the windows and doors in a professional, timely manner.

There was so much noise and so much dirt and so much construction, we had to do something. We run a photo studio here and another business and we could hardly hear ourselves talk on the phone. We initially went for the Quiet to cut down on noise, and what we found out afterwards that it was really made it a lot cleaner. It was warmer and cooler and we didn’t use as much air conditioning, so we’ve had it 3 or 4 years now, and I don’t know what we would’ve done without them.

I always wanted to move to New York. Came here, saw this place, and between the panoramic views and the location, midtown Manhattan, I couldn’t be happier with it. The noise was a concern, because between the midtown tunnel, the FDR, and just the New York City night life, I was very concerned about the noise being an issue. I’ve got a friend who lives nearby, and I checked out his apartment and he showed me his CitiQuiet Windows, and I could not have been more impressed with their soundproofing qualities. Right away I took up the apartment, and I got the windows installed right away, and I couldn’t be happier with them. As we speak, I’m getting a second set installed in the next room; I love them so much. I would definitely recommend them to anybody who has noise concerns. Just to show you how effective they are, I’ll open my soundproof windows right now.

The CitiQuiet windows lived up to my expectations and well beyond. We had a lot of noise in the background, and when I first spoke to the owner he said about 80 percent of the noise would get cut out, and I’d say at least 95 percent of it. It’s made the difference between me buying a building and not buying a building.

LICENSE # 2006413-DCA