How Seniors Can Benefit from Residential Soundproofing

Despite the availability of home care facilities in the country, 89% of the American senior citizens still prefer to live in their own homes. However, most homes aren’t exactly designed to meet the needs of seniors, especially when it comes to controlling noise levels. Residential Soundproofing is one way families can make their home more suitable for their older relatives, as living in an excessively noisy environment can expose them to all sorts of health problems.

Noise pollution is an inescapable factor of everyday life, especially in cities filled with passing traffic, construction work, and pedestrians. Living in the city can be stressful, distracting, and irritating not only for seniors, but everyone.

Constant exposure to noise pollution can have serious effects on the elderly, since the heightened stress levels and weaker immune Systems can trigger and make them susceptible to different ailments. Excessive noise pollution may increase the risk of psychiatric problems, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes among seniors.

Seniors who are light sleepers will find getting a good night’s sleep a difficult thing to achieve in a noisy bedroom. Lack of sleep can increase the chances of developing delirium, which can lead to dementia, stroke, sensory impairment, and Parkinson’s disease. It is also one of the major causes of memory loss among the elderly, since sleep disturbances can greatly affect certain cognitive functions, including the ability to learn and remember information. In the long run, lack of sleep can lead to depression because of perceived stress and loneliness.

The stress induced by excessive noise can also instantaneously elevate a person’s heart rate, which can lead to cardiac arrest. This can be especially problematic if the family already has a history of heart problems.

To prevent these health problems among older loved ones, residential Soundproofing solutions such as Soundproof interior Windows can be installed at home. Depending on the installation chosen, up to 95% of noise can be eliminated.

Most of the Soundproofing treatments done on Windows are constructed with laminated glass. Some manufacturers even inject argon or krypton gas in between panes to further prevent sound vibrations from entering the house.

To make the installation more convenient, families can choose a provider that can customize or fabricate Soundproof glass according to their existing Window style to avoid further alterations in their home’s interior design. Because Window installation only takes a few hours to finish, this is also convenient if an elderly relative needs to move in right away.

Keeping the home quiet should be one of the things families should do to make the place safe and comfortable for their elderly loved ones. This will ensure that they can live in a peaceful home where the health and quality of life of all members of the household are taken care of.