8 Reasons Soundproof Windows are a Must-Have in NYC

Soundproof Windows have a notable effect on the amount of noise heard within a home or apartment, but the benefits are far greater than what seems to be a mere reduction in sound. Living in a bustling, non-stop city like New York makes the installation of Soundproof Windows a welcome addition to most, but what people don’t typically know are the added benefits of Soundproof Windows.

Below are 8 reasons to install Soundproof Windows, straight from the CitiQuiet team.

1. Increase the Value of Your Home – Soundproof Windows can in fact increase the value of a home. The increasing prevalence of Soundproof Windows in noisy cities like New York proves the desire to have these Windows in a residence. Although they are an investment, Soundproof Windows can reduce noise and increase the value of a home.

2. Sleep Well – Soundproof Windows ensure that every night is filled with high-quality sleep. Whether it’s noisy neighbors, frequent traffic or another nighttime noise, you can eliminate the amount of outside sound by up to 95% by adding Soundproof Windows to a home or apartment.

3. Enjoy Living the City Life – If living in the city is key to work, family or overall happiness then something like noise should not be a deterring factor. Instead of suffering on a daily basis or contemplating moving to a city with less noise, installing Soundproof Windows provides a much-needed difference that makes city life far more enjoyable.

4. Be Energy Efficient – Soundproof Windows not only increase the value of your home, but they can also positively impact energy savings. While noticing a significant reduction in the amount of outside noise, homeowners can receive a tax write-off as well as realize heating and cooling benefits that are a result of energy efficiency.

5. Sleep In – Getting the chance to sleep in provides a great opportunity to catch up on missed sleep due to work, family and more. Early garbage trucks, barking dogs and many more outside noises can disrupt the benefits achieved from sleeping in. Soundproof Windows can make the most of later starts.

6. Help Kids Fall (and Stay) Asleep – Babies and young children need a lot of sleep, which can be difficult to achieve if there are various sounds heard late into the night and throughout the day. Instead of depriving kids from necessary sleep, choosing Soundproof Windows can help young ones fall and stay asleep even in the busiest of cities.

7. Reduce Dirt and Drafts – Soundproof Windows reduce dirt and drafts in a home, which benefits both indoor and outdoors aspects of a residence. A noticeable cleaner interior can lessen the amount of time spent cleaning. The temperature within a home will also be improved due to the more secure Window structure that blocks unwanted drafts.

8. Try Something New – Homes can achieve the sound-reducing benefits they desire by adding more carpets or patching up older parts of their residence, but in noisy cities like New York one simple fix may not be enough. While other options may not be capable of reducing outside sounds, Soundproof Windows will offer a noticeable change.

When previous efforts have failed or the noise levels become too much to handle, Soundproof Windows are the best solution. The installation of Soundproof Windows will provide a low-volume city life.

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