CitiQuiet Company Update: Home Depot Partnership

By Michael Lentin

CitiQuiet has some very exciting news: we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with The Home Depot to sell our exclusive line of CitiQuiet Soundproof interior Window Systems in select stores nationwide. This means more access to our noise-eliminating products for homeowners across the nation.

Currently, two stores here in New York City have started carrying our line, complete with full, large-scale displays in-store. We now also have smaller Window displays at stores in Boston and Dallas, with displays of CitiQuiet Windows now found in 30 to 40 stores nationwide.

Home Depot stores in the Mid Atlantic region, such as in Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia will all soon have their own displays as well. Additionally, our interior Window Systems are in the Systems for a hundred plus stores, and we don’t plan on stopping there—our relationship with The Home Depot will continue to grow.

Needless to say, our business is growing very quickly, and we’re thrilled to be able to give customers more access to our products across the country, especially as the demand for Soundproofing solutions in homes, offices and nurseries continues to rise. The Home Depot will have their own CitiQuiet teams that will personally install all CitiQuiet Windows purchased through their stores. The Windows will be the exact same ones sold directly from our warehouse—our custom CitiQuiet & Champion Windows.

With multiple physical store locations, customers will be able to go inside and get more information on our Windows and their features firsthand. You’ll be able to see the Windows, as well as open and close them, as if they were testing them out in your own home, before purchasing.

CitiQuiet Windows have been made in America since 1991, and our Soundproofing barrier eliminates up to 95% of existing noise. Your existing Windows remain completely untouched, and there is no approval from your building required. You’ll need no construction, and the Systems are 100% removable. Not to mention, your Windows will remain completely functional after installation—you’ll still be able to open and close them with ease. Along with Soundproofing Windows, we virtually eliminate the dirt and drafts that Windows are notorious for.

New York may be one of the loudest cities in America, but that doesn’t mean other cities don’t also have their own battles with excessive outside noise. Not only eliminating noise, CitiQuiet Windows also increase the value of your home.

Even if you’re not a New York resident, you no longer have to venture all the way to the Big Apple to test out CitiQuiet’s exclusive brand of Soundproof Window Systems for yourself. Let us bring serenity into your home, office or nursery—no matter where it’s located.

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