CitiQuiet Says Thanks

CitiQuiet Says Thanks

The effects of COVID-19 have been devastating worldwide. As a New York business, CitiQuiet knows firsthand just how deep the impact of this virus can go. While everyone is being greatly affected by these trying times, healthcare and hospital workers have had to especially step up and selflessly face COVID-19. That is why it is so important that CitiQuiet thank these hospital workers for all they have done to keep our community safe. We cannot possibly show our gratitude to them enough, but it has become a goal of CitiQuiet to express our appreciation in any little way that we can. 

One way we recently showed thanks was by passing out homemade “Thank You” brownies to healthcare workers on their way to and from work. It was a small token of appreciation to thank them for keeping us safe, and hopefully to put a smile on their faces during a stressful and difficult time. We look forward to continuing our efforts to thank these healthcare workers who are making such incredible sacrifices for the betterment and safety of our community. 

So from all of us at CitiQuiet, thank you for working so hard to maintain the health of others. We hope everyone continues to stay safe and remember that, together, we will overcome this! 

homemade thank you brownie from citiquiet

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