CitiQuiet Shakes Hands with The Home Depot

Over a year ago, CitiQuiet announced their exciting partnership with The Home Depot, the nation’s biggest home improvement chain. The union enabled us to begin selling CitiQuiet’s soundproof interior window systems in select stores across the nation, broadening the country’s access to our noise-eliminating products.

We’re excited to announce that this partnership has continued to expand over the last year. Our relationship with the Home Depot is growing, and we’ve recently partnered with two more NYC-based Home Depot stores who will use CitiQuiet windows as they generate in-store leads for soundproof windows. Whenever a customer comes into the Home Depot looking for soundproof windows, Home Depot will co-partner with CitiQuiet to get them installed into their home or office building.

CitiQuiet teams will personally install all CitiQuiet windows purchased through Home Depot stores. The windows will be the exact same custom CitiQuiet windows that are sold directly from our warehouse.

The Home Depot is America’s go-to store for homeowners looking to make a change or upgrade to their home. As soundproofing solutions continue to grow in popularity, more and more people are enticed by the benefits of soundproof windows: an increased property value, a cheaper electric bill as the result of energy efficiency, and most importantly, a newfound peace and quiet in their homes.

CitiQuiet differs from many soundproof window systems because of their aesthetically pleasing design; once the windows are installed into your home, there is no visual difference from your previous windows. All window accessories, such as AC unites and curtains, can still be utilized as normal. Not to mention, no landlord or building code approval is needed to install the windows.

Most Home Depot partnerships are complete with an in-store, interactive display of how our windows work, including how they are installed and how they function. This allows potential customers to experience firsthand how the windows open, close and feel. Displays of CitiQuiet windows can be found in 30 to 40 stores nationwide.CitiQuiet’s windows not only eliminate up to 95% of external noise, but they also require no construction or mess to install. On the contrary, they actually help to keep your windows cleaner by eliminating more of the dirt and drafts that tend to build up on windows.

While the most popular residential room to soundproof is the bedroom, our windows are also often installed in nurseries, home offices, living rooms and more. Not to mention, CitiQuiet provides commercial properties with the same noise elimination opportunities as homeowners— our commercial properties in NYC include the United Nations Headquarters, Gracie Mansion and the Verizon Headquarters in Long Island, among many others.

While Manhattan is notoriously known as one of the loudest cities in America, noise pollution is becoming a rising problem in cities all over the country. We’re excited to continue expanding our partnership with the Home Depot and to keep giving homeowners across America a chance to sleep, work and live in a quiet, peaceful environment — despite how loud it may be right outside their door.

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