CitiQuiet’s Appearance on NBC’s “George to the Rescue”

By Michael Lentin

With the motto of “Helping Families One Home At a Time,” NBC New York’s George to the Rescue focuses on rescuing the homes of deserving people in need around the country.

Whether it’s building their dream backyard or the kitchen they’ve always wanted, host George Oliphant and his team of contractors and designers come into the family’s home and completely remodel an entire area to make it exactly what the family had always envisioned.

In this particular episode, the Urquiza family of Oceanside, NY is forced to eat dinner each night in shifts—their kitchen table is so small that only two people can sit to eat at a time, preventing them from having a true family bonding experience during meals.

The Urquiza’s two children, Claudia and Joey, eat dinner first, followed by their parents. The family longed for a space in which they can share time together as a family. Cue in George, coming in for the rescue. As it turned out, the family had a well-sized, closed-in back porch area that would be perfect to turn into a dining room space.

The great part about using this space as a dining room was that there was already so much natural light. Our very own Richard Galietti of Champion Window & Door was able to explain to George how our Champion double hung Windows not only ideal for maintaining the temperature inside of homes, while also preventing the sun from heating up the space, making for a more efficient home and—more importantly–a cheaper power bill.

CitiQuiet was honored to be able to play a part in such a substantial and needed life change for the Urquiza family.

You can see the full episode of the show on NBC New York—and jump to minute 9:27 to check out what CitiQuiet was able to do.



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