CitiQuiet’s Latest Project: Soundproofing Mayor De Blasio’s Gracie Mansion

CitiQuiet is proud to announce one of our most recent (and renowned) projects: installing Soundproof Windows into the home of Mayor Bill De Blasio.

Like many of New York City’s past mayors, De Blasio and his family began calling the Gracie Mansion home after De Blasio’s election last year. It is the official residence of NYC’s mayor and is found in Carl Schurz Park in the eastern Yorkville area — about eight blocks east of Central Park. The two-story wooden home was built in 1799 and overlooks the East River. Despite being located within a park, the mansion is not immune to outside noises brought in from the bustling East End Avenue and East 84th – East 90th Streets.

The mayor is known for putting effort into ensuring the privacy of his family. Just last year, he had a large “privacy” fence constructed around the mansion to keep onlookers from peering in, noting that he likes sitting on the front porch and had to deal with passersby constantly calling out to him. His next step towards a more peaceful and quiet home atmosphere for his wife and two children was the addition of Soundproof Windows.

Upon the first project, CitiQuiet installed Soundproof Windows in De Blasio’s master bedroom. He was so pleased with the results that he brought the CitiQuiet team back out for a second project to Soundproof more rooms throughout the mansion.

Being New York City’s mayor is stressful enough. Thus, CitiQuiet was thrilled to give the mayor an opportunity to experience living in the Gracie Mansion without the additional stress of the nearby street noises that echo their way into the historic home.

As NYC continues to grow and thrive as one of the world’s busiest cities, the accompanying noises are only expected to increase. Some bars and subway platforms have even cracked the 100-decibel mark on a decibel-measuring app, which is the equivalent of a passing semi truck or lawn mower.

NYC residents can expect noises to continue throughout the summer. The city plans to continue multiple large-scale construction projects throughout summer months, such as the 2nd Avenue Subway Line and the Hudson Yards Tower, which has a 24-hour construction permit. The city also has an extensive schedule of outdoor concerts planned for the summer, which have already resulted in noise complaints from those who live near the outdoor venues. As a result, more and more residents are searching for solutions in their homes, and many have made the decision to invest in Soundproof Windows for a permanent solution to noise.

CitiQuiet’s Windows are proven to block out over 95% of unwanted noises. They don’t alter the existing style or appearance of your Windows, and they maintain the opening and closing functionality through the use of smooth rollers. Not to mention, they keep your home cooler in the summer by filtering out UV light, all while increasing your home’s security and real estate value. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to follow in De Blasio’s footsteps and consider Soundproof Window Systems in your own home.

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