Creative Ways to Reduce Household Noise

Despite the many sources that can bring unwanted noise into your house – dogs, traffic, a loud snorer – there are various creative ways to reduce the impact of disruptive sounds. Whether it’s a small addition or a major home renovation, discover ways to remove bothersome noise from your home, making it a more peaceful and relaxing place to be.

Restructure Walls

Your walls may already reduce the amount of noise in your home if they are insulated or made of brick or stone. If your walls do not fall into this category and you are unable to completely remodel your home, there are easy ways for you to make your walls a better noise barrier. For example, add tiles, panels or fabric to the surface of the walls that can absorb sounds and make a difference on overall noise level. Make it more personal by picking an option that works best with your home’s unique style.

Buy a Sound Machine

These machines are useful for so much more than reducing the sounds from a person who snores or soothing music to your ears as you fall asleep! A sound or white noise machine can be effective for children, home offices and can even be used when traveling. Noise-reducing machines’ capabilities have been documented and reveal their success at reducing disruptive and unwanted noise levels in a variety of settings. Investing in a sound machine will be a beneficial addition if you are looking for a way to break up unwanted noise..and it doesn’t hurt that it can travel with you anywhere you go!

Add Landscaping

Look no further than outside of your Window for another way to reduce pesky household noise. Planting shrubbery in front or behind your home can substantially lower the amount of noise you can hear inside your home. If you have a fence, look into vines that block and reduce the sounds able to enter into your home. Although landscaping may require an investment in regards to time and money, this addition will not only make a difference on the amount of household noise, but will increase the overall value of your home.

Purchase Earplugs

Earplugs are one of the most cost-effective ways to lower the volume of various sounds. Not only are earplugs a great sound-reducing resource, but they are also easy to carry. Whether you are in a noisy home or office building or are traveling and want to lessen the amount of sound around you, you can rely on earplugs to make a difference in any environment. Earplugs are a suitable way to reduce sound that also won’t make a huge dent on your budget.

Install Soundproof Windows

Soundproof Windows reduce up to 95% of outside noise. Although they may seem like a major decision, they won’t actually impact your home apart from reducing sound. Soundproof Windows can be installed on top of your existing Windows so you can maintain your home’s unique look and feel. In addition, there isn’t any construction required so you will not have to deal with a messy cleanup process after installation. On top of Soundproofing, these Windows reduce the amount of dust, dirt and moisture entering your home and lower drafts by up to 99%, making them an efficient noise-reducing choice.

Create Soft Surfaces

If your home is covered in hardwood and noise is an issue, it is time to reevaluate your flooring. Despite the clean look of hard surfaces, they reflect your household noises. In contrast, soft surfaces are capable of absorbing and stopping sound from making their way around your home. Carpet your floors or add area rugs and you’ll immediately notice a change in the amount of noise that travels throughout your home. Take it a step further by including a thick underlay to absorb even more of your home’s sounds.

Transform to Sturdy Doors

If you are wondering why your home is letting in unwanted noise, then you may want to look into the composition of your doors. Doors are known for allowing too much sound to enter your home, even when they aren’t open. A couple ways to fix this problem include switching out hollow doors for more solid structures. You could also look into adding tape or weather stripping around your door frames to prevent noise from seeping in. Another option is purchasing peel-and-stick Soundproof material that is added to existing hollow doors to reduce household noise levels.

Evaluating your tolerance for noise levels will help you decide between various sound-reducing options. No matter which way you and your family choose to remove unwanted noise from your home, you can be sure that the amount of household noise experienced will be greatly reduced with the creative fixes above.

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