How Do You Soundproof Windows?

By Michael Lentin

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “How do you actually Soundproof a Window?” When it comes to Soundproofing Windows, the most important information to look for in a potential company is the installation process, glass features, and the post-Soundproofing Window functionality.

The CitiQuiet Installation Process
“How does Soundproofing work?”

Before we even enter your home we’ve already custom cut each Soundproof Window insert to fit the dimensions of your existing Windows and frames. CitiQuiet’s team then installs a laminated single-paned Window insert directly in front of your existing interior Window.

The added CitiQuiet Soundproof Window creates air space between the two Windows (CitiQuiet’s and your existing), serving as a sound barrier to 95% of outside noise. While other companies require the full removal of your existing Window and replacement with a new Window, CitiQuiet does not tamper with or change your existing Window structure, even slightly.

“The best part of our installation?”

It’s quick, clean and easy. You’ll never have to clean up after us. In fact, we make a point to make your home cleaner than when we arrived. Since everything is pre-cut, there’s no construction, no mess, — period.

Features of the Soundproofing Glass
In addition to eliminating noise, our materials boast the following specialized features:

  • Laminated Glass: Laminated glass is a special type of glass with an internal layer that stays together if shattered. The benefits of laminating? The same heavy laminated interlayer that keeps the glass together also breaks down external noise, making it more difficult to enter the home.
  • Energy Efficient: low-E, or low-emissivity glass, saves energy by reducing the amount of light and heat/cold transmitted through the glass, allowing for a less aggressive thermostat for both summer and winter.
  • Appearance: We also let you decide how you want your glass to look: clear, SuperClear, or tinted to the color of your choice.

Post-Soundproofing Window Functionality
Our immaculate process, premiere glass, and excellent customer service consistently differentiate us from our competitors. Our biggest differentiator is that your Window still functions exactly as it did before the Soundproof Window was installed and requires no construction of your home or Window in order to be installed

Below are details on what remains unchanged after the installation of CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows:

  • The Window’s interior look and design
  • The Window air conditioner unit
  • The ability to open and close the Windows as you please
  • The use of blinds
  • Your home’s value (installing Soundproof Windows into a noisy, urban area can actually raises the real estate value of the home)

While Soundproofing tips and tricks may vary, a correctly installed Soundproof Window will eliminate up to 95% of the outside noise, making your home, office, apartment, or bedroom a peaceful and quiet place to be.

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