How to Block Road Noise From House

Whether you live in the heart of the city or call the suburbs home, we’ve all experienced the disruptive nature of road noise. Screeching tires, loud engines, and blaring sirens are just a few of the common road sounds we all hear on a daily basis that can have a negative impact in our lives. If road noise begins to affect quality time with your family, your ability to focus on work, or prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep, you will find yourself wondering how to block road noise from your house. Fortunately, there are many options for soundproofing car road noise that can significantly change the amount of noise pollution you experience. Use the following tips for blocking road noise to make sure your home is a peaceful oasis your family can enjoy for years to come.


How to Block Road Noise from House


Install an Acoustic Fence or Wall. Depending on your proximity to the street, one option for blocking road noise you might consider is to install a fence or wall around your home. When shopping for fences, focus on those that are acoustically rated and designed for the specific purpose of creating a barrier against road noise. As you weigh the various options out there, there are few factors you should keep in mind. First, is the height of the fence or wall. As you might have guessed, the height of the fence or wall is crucial to the amount of noise that will be blocked. A general rule of thumb is that if you can see the road from your line of sight, road noise will be able to reach you. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure the wall is high enough so that no outside sounds spillover.


The next factor to keep in mind as you explore fence and wall options is the density of the material being used. Some materials are better than others at blocking road noise. For example, materials such as timber and steel generally do not have the proper density to serve as effective sound barriers. On the other hand, many acoustic fences and walls will utilize materials such as brick and block because they have the right density to perform against road noise.


The final factor to keep in mind for the acoustic fence or wall you choose is the construction and use of gaps. Many families choose to install fences with gaps around their homes because they are aesthetically good-looking and make for an inviting yard. While fences with gaps may look great, they are not the best at blocking road noise. To prevent road noise from entering your home, choose a fence or wall that is solid from top to bottom. Also, be sure to install the fence or wall so that it is flush with the ground.


Drown Out Road Noise with a Fountain. A creative method to answer the question, “how do you reduce road noise from tires?” is to put in a fountain in your yard. Water has often been used in the fight against road noise because of its ability to drown out the loud sounds cars and other vehicles emit. This is because water has a white noise effect, offering a continuous gurgling and bubbling sound that matches the frequency of many unwanted road noises. To be most effective, the fountain should be installed as close to your home as possible so it will dominate all other noises heading towards your house.


Because there are so many different types of fountains available, you can create a yard that not only looks great and matches the aesthetic of your home, but also effectively prevents road noise from interrupting your daily life.


Create a Sound Barrier with Soundproof Windows. One of the most effective methods for blocking road noise is to install soundproof windows in your home. These windows are specially designed to reduce outside noise, and are capable of blocking out a wide range of sounds coming from cars, tires, pedestrians, and more. In many cases, installing soundproof windows in your home does not require any alterations or construction to the existing windows. Instead, they are placed within the existing opening, lowering costs and eliminating the need for building approval for those that live in apartments or condo buildings.  The cost of soundproof windows is determined by a few different factors, including the shape of the window, the type of glass used, the size of the window and frame, and the number of windows to be installed. Ultimately though, they make for a great long-term investment and instantly increase the value of your home.


Soundproof Windows from CitiQuiet

CitiQuiet has fit customers across the country with high performing, soundproof windows that transform noisy living spaces into peaceful environments that promote rest and relaxation. We are innovators within our industry, constantly working to develop the most effective noise-reducing solutions that will positively impact our diverse set of clients. If you are experiencing a great deal of road noise in your home, we have the soundproof windows for you. Contact us today for a consultation and discussion of the options available to you.

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