How to Block Street Noise

Anyone who lives on or near a busy street knows that the noise from traffic and pedestrians can quickly turn into a daily nuisance that just might have you considering moving to a quieter location. Without a proper sound blocking system in place, honking cars, loud voices, construction sounds, and much more can easily travel into your home disrupting your daily routines and even your sleep. If you’ve found yourself wondering how do you reduce street noise when living on a busy street, there are fortunately a number of options to consider. The following list will help you quickly and efficiently reduce street noise so you can enjoy a calmer and more peaceful lifestyle.

How to Reduce Street Noise

To block street noise, there are a number of steps you can take today. These steps include:

Filling the Gaps. One of the most common causes of street noise entering into homes and apartments are the presence of gaps under, in, and around doors and windows. One of the first steps you’ll want to take if you live on a busy street is to inspect all windows and doors in your home for any cracks and gaps near doors and windows. If you’ve located any in your space, you’ll want to fill in and seal them. For doors, there are a wide variety of affordable door sweeps available online or at your local home improvement store. To seal cracks in windows, caulk can be used. Not only will sealing windows with caulk help to reduce street noise, it also works to regulate the temperature in your home by blocking drafts.

Cover the Walls. When it comes to reducing street noise, walls offer a world of opportunity. If you live on a busy street, you’ll want to think of ways to use your walls strategically. It has been shown that bare walls increase the chance of sound echoes because street noise has room to reverberate. To prevent this, find ways to break up your wall space. This can be done with cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, or other larger pieces of furniture that are capable of acting as sound barriers. Hanging artwork on the walls is also a great way to decrease noise intensity.

Reinforce your Doors. To save on costs, many homes and apartments are built using lower quality doors. While this can reduce the cost of the build initially, those that live in the space will pay for it later in the form of disruptive street noise. If you have the option, consider replacing your existing doors with heavier, solid-core doors that perform better against noise. If replacing the doors in your space is not possible, invest in sound-blocking door panels that are customized to fit the doors in your home. Door panels are a great alternative to replacing the entire door as they are effective for creating a strong barrier against outside noise.

Consider your Carpets & Drapes. Many may not realize this, but the right carpets and drapes can work wonders against noise from a busy street. If noise is a problem in your home or apartment, furnish your space with thick, plush rugs or carpet. A thick carpet helps to absorb noise, creating a much more peaceful environment. Similarly, thick curtains or drapes also absorb a great deal of outside noise, serving as a next line of defense for sounds that have penetrated past your windows. There are even specially designed sound blocking curtains that many have found to be an effective alternative to outright replacing windows.

Purchase a White Noise Machine. If you’re looking for a noise-canceling solution fast, a white noise machine is the way to go. A white noise machine works by generating a broad spectrum of frequencies combined. To most listeners, the sound produced by white noise machines – similar to the sound of a fan blowing – has a calming effect that dampens the impact of sounds coming from the street. White noise machines are very affordable, with options available that are well under $100.

Install Soundproof Windows. One of the best methods for how to block street noise is to invest in soundproof windows. If you live on a particularly busy street and find that the noise entering your home is causing you to lose sleep, experience higher levels of stress, and interrupting important family time, this might be the right step for you. While many are intimidated to explore soundproof windows for fear over cost and potential construction woes, there are actually affordable options available that require very little to no alterations to existing windows. In most cases, soundproof windows can be installed over the windows that are already in place. Most soundproof window options can be custom-fit to the exact specifications of the window frame, so you can get an almost impenetrable sound barrier without having to change the look and feel of your home.

Soundproof Windows from CitiQuiet

CitiQuiet is the leading provider of soundproof windows, helping individuals and families renew a greater sense of peace and calm in their homes by blocking out unwanted street noise. If you are considering soundproof windows for your house, contact us today to discuss your needs and the options available. We can’t wait to help you find just the right fit for the quiet, noise-free home you deserve.

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