How To Control Dust Penetration Through Windows

By Michael Lentin

The other day I was visiting a friend of mine—nice apartment on Park Avenue, doorman building, security monitors, the lot—and we were just shooting the bull, you know how it is… And I found myself mindlessly doodling on his desk—not on a piece of paper on his desk, actually on his desk, in the dust that had collected there—and it got me to wondering: why is all this dust here? I mean, this was a really nice place, but there was enough dust in his apartment to start an archeological excavation. I mean, you could have buried Tutankhamen in it. And then it hit me: dirt, sand, pollen, and pollution—it was all just seeping in through his Windows.

So I told my friend that the right Windows could make a huge difference in his home like, for instance, CitiQuiet’s Interior Soundproof Windows. They could help him stay cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter—and they not only keep dust from seeping into his apartment, but they can help lower his energy bills. The truth is, most Windows don’t have the sufficient mechanisms needed to seal the areas between the glass and frames, even if the weatherstripping and seals seem to be tight there could still be tiny gaps that let in high velocity pieces of grit—and pretty soon you’ll find yourself shoveling out piles of dirt in your living room. I mean, that might be fine if you were like, Indiana Jones or something and you were searching for lost treasure in your den… But chances are you aren’t Indiana Jones and the best you’ll find underneath all that dust is just an Indiana Jones DVD.

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