CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows – In the News

“It started as an antidote to the endless City Street sounds — the sirens, the honking, the yelling that perpetually make their way through our windows and into our consciousness. That was when architectural designer, Michael Lentin, founded CITIQUIET, whose Interior Noise Elimination Window Systems reduce up to 95 percent of street noise currently invading New York City homes and offices.” – Big Apple Parents’
“Whether the goal is letting a Manhattanite get some shut-eye in the city that never sleeps or enabling Supreme Court Justices to craft their learned opinions peace, the principle is the same for CitiQuiet, a New York business that specializes in soundproof windows. “It’s about service, service, service, and service,” says David Skudin, vice-president of sales and marketing.” – Business Week
“CITIQUIET, a national company based in New York City, silences your home or office with interior noise elimination windows. Michael Lentin, whose background in architectural design and window construction designed the acoustical windows. This multi-patented noise barrier, designed to be completely operable and totally removable, is currently in use in hundred of New York City buildings.” — Dan’s Papers
“CitiQuiet, a New York City-based company, specializes in noise-canceling windows and acoustical walls, ceilings, floors, and doors, all of which help remove the annoyance of piercing car alarms, blaring ambulances and screeches of predawn garbage trucks. At its Upper East Side showroom, CitiQuiet works with designers, architects, and contractors to customize a quiet approach for each client.” — Robb Report