Installing Soundproof Home Windows in Study Rooms

Study rooms are designed to create an environment conducive for learning. However, families living in the city should make sure to install Soundproof Home Windows in their study to prevent outside noise from passing traffic, construction work, and other everyday occurrences from entering the room.

Many families live in the city to be nearer to work, school, and other important places. However, noise or unwanted sound is a constant companion in urban environments. Families should find ways to control unwanted sound in their home, especially in study rooms, as noise can have adverse effects on their child’s cognitive performance.

According to various studies, noise can disrupt learning, and can especially affect primary school children as they are still developing both physically and cognitively. Studies show that younger children exposed to noise have problems concentrating and sustaining attention. When chronically exposed to noise, a child’s reading ability and language comprehension can also be affected by poor hearing and speech development.

Noise can also trigger stress, which encourages the release of cortisol. This hormone normally serves to help restore the body to stability after a stressful experience. However, excess levels of cortisol in the body can impair the function of the brain’s emotional learning center which regulates planning, reasoning, impulse control, and other cognitive tasks. This learning center is also known to store short-term memory. Impairment in this part of the brain may affect a person’s capacity to think clearly and retain information.

Families should install effective sound barriers in study rooms such as Soundproof Windows that are constructed with laminated glass; some can eliminate up to 95% of external noise. For their convenience, they should also choose Windows that can be installed without any invasive construction or alterations. This way, they can start the project right away as no building permits or approvals will be required.

These Windows open and work the same way as the existing Windows, and allow families to use their existing blinds and air conditioning units in their study room. This can be especially helpful for families living in apartments or properties where alterations are not allowed.

There are Soundproof home Windows that can be installed just a few inches away from existing Window sills, creating a space of dead air. Argon or krypton gas can be injected into the space to isolate the interior Window from sound vibrations. To make sure sound leaks are prevented in study rooms, manufacturers should surround the glass panels with spring-loaded seals.

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