Laminated Windows – The Ultimate Shield

What distinguishes good Windows from great Windows? Well of course you want to be in control of your home’s temperature and run an energy-efficient home, but what if you want even more? Laminated Windows have so many valuable benefits that it’s nearly impossible to find more well-rounded Windows!

Soundproofing Capability

Soundproofing is one of the primary benefits of laminated Windows. “A standard Window is eliminating something like 40 to 50 percent of outside noise,” said Rich Galietti, the Vice President of CitiQuiet. In order to get the most bang for your buck, it is important to look at all of your Window’s capabilities. This is especially important for those who live in louder areas where noise is a frequent concern. Instead of sacrificing your appreciated silence for Windows that only cover the basics, you can get the great benefits of Soundproof Windows with laminated Windows.

Installation Process

How exactly laminated glass solves noise issues is a thorough, but clean process. Up to 95% of noise can be eliminated with the laminated glass due to the way they add an air space between your interior and exterior Windows. The laminated glass is made by fusing a clear plastic membrane between two sheets of glass. Then, the air space is created by mounting the interior Window three or four inches from the existing Window. The thickness of the laminated glass can range between a quarter to seven-eighths of an inch to match your personal preference.

Consistent Appearance

Another great benefit of laminated Windows is their ability to maintain the look and feel of your original Window. The desire to maintain the exterior appearance of your Window should not be a deterring factor when transitioning to new Windows. Laminated Windows can achieve your goals of consistent Window appearance by mounting a second Window to the interior of your Window. Laminated Windows can actually be customized and matched to your current Window for maximum cohesion. The installation of laminated Windows therefore allows you to receive the benefits of Soundproof Windows without giving up your unique Window style.

Additional Assets

Laminated Windows have a lot of great additional features that add to their appeal. Due to the minimal work required, they can typically be installed without having to obtain a building permit. Energy-efficiency still comes into play with laminated Windows too thanks to draft elimination. Finally, laminated Windows can not only keep out the elements, but can take it a step further by reducing dust, dirt and moisture accumulation. This reduction eliminates the need for frequent cleaning and therefore reduces the amount of legwork on your part.

Laminated Windows can serve several vital purposes in a home ranging from traditional Window purposes to specific needs based on location and noise level. Instead of wondering whether or not your Windows will be able to meet your varying needs, laminated Windows can ensure that your Windows will surpass your expectations and be the least of your worries.

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