Most Common 311 Complaint

By Michael Lentin

It’s hard to find any two New Yorkers who agree on anything, be it the best way to get uptown or who has the best slice, so it’s something of a surprise that pretty much everybody agrees that noise is the biggest gripe about living in the city. I say “something of a surprise” because I thought it’d be the pot holes but no, according to the 311 hotline, the most common complaint (300,000 last year) is the nearly constant banging and clattering of our fellow New Yorkers. The hubbub starts early and it ends late, and when it comes to making a racket, it seems that nobody does it better—or louder—than New Yorkers. On the street, 100-decibels isn’t unusual, a constant 70-decibels is about average. How loud is that? That’s like having somebody blow a police whistle in your ear. All day long. No wonder we get cranky.

Robyn Gershon, a professor at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health says that, “The problem with noise is it sneaks up on you. It’s a hidden hazard with a hidden health outcome.” It turns out that noise not only keeps us awake, it’s unhealthy and it stresses us out. Excessive noise can lead to high blood pressure, anxiety and it even increases the risk of having a stroke or a heart attack. Great, now the city’s out to kill us.

And things aren’t much quieter in our homes either as most of that street noise seeps in through our Windows. So what are we supposed to do, hang heavy curtains? Write nasty notes to our neighbors? Call 311? Heavy curtains block light, nasty notes might get you a punch in the eye and 311 has enough problems. The best way to keep out about 95% of unwanted and irritating noise is by having CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows installed. Just like that, the world is a quiet and tranquil place again: cabs and buses whoosh by without a sound, jack hammers are silenced, dogs don’t bark and you can finally get some sleep. And once the whole noise thing is finally taken care of you can get around to other things, like calling 311 to complain about the pot holes. And that street light’s still out. And what about the rat problem…

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