National Window Safety Week

National Window Safety Week

Nearly every space has windows- your home, your apartment, your office…the list goes on! Windows are all around us, and while we often take them for granted, it is important to consider the benefits of windows, while being careful to also always take note of the risks.  With the fresh spring air upon us, there’s no doubt that you want to open your windows and enjoy the fresh air. Before opening up your home windows, however, it is important to consider safety tips that so often go forgotten. 

According to the National Safety Council, there are roughly thirty-three thousand window-related falls and accidents that occur each year; most of these accidents occur in families with children who are unprepared for (or simply not aware of) how windows can be a safety hazard.

For this reason, National Window Safety Week was created in 1997 for the first week of April to increase awareness of window safety and to help families practice good habits for emergency preparedness in case of a fire, natural disaster, or other unforeseen emergencies. National Window Safety Week aims to address the balance between safety, security, and enjoying the fresh air.

What is Window Safety?

National Window Safety Week primarily focuses on families and how parents can protect their children from window fall-related accidents. Window falls can be prevented in any number of ways, here are simple but effective actions you can take for a safer household today:

Designated Ventilation Windows

If a window must be opened for ventilation, choose a window that is out of reach for your children or has a window stop. If you’re lucky enough to have a screen door, that would be a perfect alternative to opening a window!

Move Furniture Away

For households with small children ages one to five years old, moving furniture away from windows is a great way to prevent an accident. Because standard household window heights are typically about three feet from the floor, many children incur fall-related accidents by climbing onto furniture and then out of a window.

Install Window Stops and Window Guards: Pro

Window stops and window guards are synonymous, both are designed to prevent the window from being opened past a preset height, typically three to four inches. The opening height limitation will prevent children from opening up the window to climb out, thus eliminating the fall accident risk.

Window Security vs Window Safety

As you’re likely aware, modern windows can come in all shapes, sizes, and styles and each variant have their own pros, cons, and variables to consider when balancing between window safety and window security:

Window Stops and Window Guards: Con

As covered earlier, window stops and window guards are a great way to keep your children safe. However, they can also be an obstruction in an emergency. Whether there is a fire, natural disaster, burglar, or another emergency, a window should always be an escape option if needed. Fortunately, most modern window stops and guards feature a quick-release system. It is important to familiarize yourself with release systems so that the window can be opened quickly in case of an emergency.

Laminated Safety Glass

Some modern windows also feature a multifunctional laminate that increases shatter resistance when struck with a weapon or blunt object. In addition to criminal deterrence, laminated windows serve a variety of extra functions! They help reduce outside noise and are effective in UV protection.

If you’re searching for laminated windows for your home or office, CitiQuiet offers top-of-the-line laminated windows that provide UV protection and soundproofing that will transform your space.  Not only that, but CitiQuiet laminated windows are manufactured to be safe, so you can feel rest assured that your windows are effective, efficient, and will keep your loved ones secure! Our laminated windows are a type of safety glass constructed with an inner layer of plastic that holds together two outer layers of glass in place. This unique makeup and design makes the windows significantly more durable in the event of damage, and are also effectively burglar proof- another added safety benefit that you will love!

Fixed Windows

While fixed windows are common in high-rise condominiums or apartments, fixed windows are also sometimes used in single-family homes. Fixed windows are usually weatherproofed and are great for allowing sunlight into a dark basement. While fixed windows are safer for children, it serves a less functional purpose than their non-fixed counterpart. 

Develop Safe Habits

While there are plenty of great ways to keep your home and children safe, the best tool for window safety is education. Is safety a priority topic in your household? Talking with young children about window safety (or any other safety habit) at an early age can help them develop an awareness of potential dangers and can ultimately help your children mature and grow to be safety-conscious young adults. Participating in National Window Safety Week is a great tool to develop these skills and reduce the number of window-fall accidents. 

Our team at CitiQuiet believes that window safety should be a number one priority- which is why we recognize National Window Safety Week each year. Windows can be the best part of a house, office, or apartment, but it is important to be safe and smart about the type of windows in your space. 

For high-quality soundproofed windows, or to learn more about windows and window safety, visit CitiQuiet today!

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