New York Borough Buzz: DUMBO Soundproofed

If you haven’t already heard about New York’s up-and-coming borough, get familiar. DUMBO is one of Brooklyn’s most upscale neighborhoods, ornamented with industrial buildings, cobblestone streets, waterfront access and unobstructed views of Manhattan. With it’s flourishing art scene, growing tech community and charming architecture, DUMBO is attracting residents who have trendy taste and enjoy luxury homes, but prefer a less-chaotic alternative to Manhattan.

As this pocket of Brooklyn has grown in resident and business owner popularity over recent years, CitiQuiet has become DUMBO’s leading provider for soundproof windows. Our soundproof windows give DUMBO homeowners the ability to enjoy the full experience of this buzz-worthy borough without compromising the tranquility of a quiet home, studio or business.

What’s The Buzz About?

Originally referred to in the past as Rapailie, Olympia, or Gairville, DUMBO was popularized in the late 1880s by Robert Gair, an inventor who heavily invested in real estate for his businesses and became a major developer of industrial buildings in the area. Following Gair’s death in 1927, DUMBO’s operations were moved out of the area and fully relocated by World War II. It wasn’t until recently that DUMBO (short for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”) was completely revived and revamped. Over the past twenty years, Dumbo has transformed from an area once packed with largely unused factories and warehouses to now a vibrant city home to art studios, designers, exciting tech start-ups and creative industries such as Big Spaceship and Etsy.

Growing Popularity

While growing in popularity, the DUMBO Historic District is geographically small and walkable on foot – only 50 acres with a population of about 1,500. Although undoubtedly a less-hectic alternative to Manhattan, DUMBO is not any more affordable, and the few inhabitants who choose to live here pay big bucks for the exclusivity. In fact, the average sales price for homes in DUMBO are 41% higher than those in Manhattan, with the renting price being 25% higher. Buyers are willing to pay such a pretty penny to inhabit DUMBO because its unique history of industrial transformation gave rise to grandeur architecture with industrial overtones that is unmatched.

The Not-So-Great Part

Its picturesque attributes attract more than just residents and business owners, however. DUMBO is now a popular Brooklyn borough for film production, tourist visits, and more.

Day-to-day life in DUMBO is often disrupted by movie film productions that are attracted to the Brooklyn neighborhood for reasons similar to its residents: the industrial turned modern feels and expensive trends. Streets are closed several times a week to accommodate shoots and stunts.

Tourists are catching on to DUMBO’s amenities as well. New York families frequent the DUMB area to explore the Brooklyn Bridge Park and it’s various playgrounds and roller rinks.

CitiQuiet Soundproofs DUMBO

Needless to say, the residents and business owners of DUMBO have experienced a growing need for soundproof windows to block out the noise from tourists, movie shootings and other business-related traffic. Over the past few years, CitiQuiet has become the leading provider of soundproof windows in DUMBO, completing soundproof window jobs in the area two to three times every week.

Our soundproof windows are the perfect sound-blocking solution for the historic, industrial buildings of DUMBO, because our single-paned soundproof windows are placed on the interior of existing windows, preserving the original form. There is no construction or mess involved, so our DUMBO clients can enjoy the hustle and bustle of this growing neighborhood while protecting the peace of a quiet home or business.


For more information about CitiQuiet’s soundproof windows, please call us at 718-752-0490. Our windows are affordable; installation process, simple; and our customer service, unmatched.




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