NYC Accelerator Program

NYC Accelerator Program

What is the New York City Climate Mobilization Act?

In 2019, New York City called upon its legislature to pass the New York City Climate Mobilization Act, a series of legislation that focuses its efforts on reducing NYC carbon emissions to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Carbon neutrality is defined as the state of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions in the air. This can be achieved by balancing emissions of carbon dioxide with its removal through rigorous projects, such as the New York City Climate Mobilization Act. This package of legislation is mainly aimed at larger buildings that are over 25,000 square feet, with slight exemptions for smaller properties across Manhattan. There are multiple sections and articles within this act, but Local Law 97 is one which will have one of the largest impacts on NYC carbon emissions.

What is Local Law 97?

One of the main articles of legislation within the New York Climate Mobilization Act is Local Law 97. This brand new law is centered around setting emission caps on buildings which are projected to cut carbon emissions by at least 40 percent by 2030 and over 80 percent by 2050. The Mayor’s Office of Climate and Sustainability believes that this undertaking will make major changes in NYC carbon emissions, citing that Local Law 97 will be the equivalent of taking over 1.3 million vehicles off of the New York City streets. Local Law 97 is going to force over 50,000 buildings in New York City to comply with these new laws- with the first benchmark date only two years away, in 2024. Many building owners, property managers, and developers are currently asking the question “what does this mean for me?” Luckily, the New York City Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice has the NYC accelerator program for this very reason! This program is committed to getting each property over 25,000 square feet up to code with Local Law 97 and the rest of the New York City Climate Mobilization Act by 2024.

NYC Accelerator Program

The NYC Accelerator Program is one that is designed to provide free expert guidance, training, NYC building law information, and financing opportunities for building owners, property managers, and developers. These resources are here to allow these properties to get in compliance with the varying legislation put in place with the New York City Climate Mobilization Act and Local Law 97. NYC Accelerator also has free technical assistance with energy and building upgrades, personalized recommendations for near-term energy projects and comprehensive long-term planning, and building energy law compliance training. 

CitiQuiet Is A Key Service Provider for the NYC Accelerator Program

CitiQuiet is proud to announce that we are one of the companies which have been selected to partner with NYC Accelerator in order to become a prime service provider for properties to get in compliance with Local Law 97 ahead of the first 2024 deadline. CitiQuiet’s soundproof windows reduce unwanted noises, are easy to install, and are energy efficient, allowing any building to save money on energy costs month after month. These windows offer thermal, moisture, and humidity control and offer a 99% reduction in dirt and drafts. Not to mention, they’re capable of blocking up to 95% of outside noise from entering your building. They’re energy efficiency in a sleek, market value improving package. If you aren’t so sure about replacing all of your windows just yet, our interior windows may be of interest! This option allows for an energy-efficient soundproof interior window to be added to the inside of any existing window- and this product is already approved to meet the requirements of Local Law 97. CitiQuiet’s soundproof windows will make your building better, improve your tenant’s quality of life, and will help to ensure that you meet the requirements of NYC’s Local Law 97, a component of the New York City Climate Mobilization Act.

By partnering with us, CitiQuiet will be able to bring your building up to code and compliance ahead of the 2024 deadline. By replacing windows with energy-efficient ones, your property will see major differences in the future. This investment will bring peace of mind to all of the tenants, as well as to the owners and property managers. It is important to know that there will be fines for buildings that violate Local Law 97 and the New York City Climate Mobilization Act. These fines are currently slated to be $268 per ton of emissions that go over each individual property’s cap every year, but that is subject to change at the discretion of the Mayor’s Office.

To better understand the costs and benefits of getting in compliance, NYC Accelerator partnered with the Building Energy Exchange to build a free of cost, online calculator for owners and managers that breaks down annual cost summaries, estimated penalty costs, and estimated building metrics for electricity, gas, steam, and fuel two. This tool is great for those who are trying to get basic estimates of what their costs may look like between now, 2030, and 2050. 

Why CitiQuiet

Founded in 1993, CitiQuiet has been a leader in New York City for soundproof engineered windows now for close to twenty years. Our products are second to none, and we consider ourselves soundproof window veterans due to the vast amount of projects that we have completed within the past two decades. Whether you need interior windows or full window replacements, CitiQuiet has you covered. Our superior service and windows themselves are the reason why we were chosen to be a partner with the NYC Accelerator Program because they’re proven to be energy efficient and capable of helping to reduce NYC carbon emissions. Interested in learning more about CitiQuiet and our offerings? Click here to get a quote for a potential project today or click here to take a look at our website!

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