Protecting Furniture and Electronics with Energy Efficient Windows

Most household furnishings are susceptible to various damages no matter where they are placed at home. This, however, doesn’t mean the damage to your home can’t be prevented. The features of energy efficient Windows can help homeowners protect their belongings, thanks to their ability to prevent harmful elements from getting indoors. These include dust, drafts, and UV rays.


Dust is not only harmful to human beings, but it’s also bad for a homeowner’s belongings. It might be easy to wipe off in the beginning, but it can cause greater damage as it accumulates over time.

Wooden furniture, for example, can easily be damaged by dust due to its abrasiveness. It can quickly accumulate in grooves, cracks, nooks, and crannies. Dust will damage delicate, polished surfaces, and make wooden joints harder to use.

It can also cause overheating in electronics. From clogging their ventilation Systems to adding a layer of dirt that could suffocate the computer’s motherboard, dust can shorten a device’s lifespan and cause irreparable damage that could even cost as much as purchasing a new computer, television, or entertainment System.


A draft from Windows or doors left ajar can affect a room’s humidity, and this can cause condensation to occur inside certain electronics. The water buildup resulting from the moisture can cause a short circuit, corrosion, and even mold growth on certain devices.

Drafts can also leave heat stains also caused by condensation on wooden furniture. These marks can be difficult to remove, and they can affect the overall appearance and quality of your furniture.

UV Rays

UV rays have tremendous damaging effects on various surfaces at home. It can cause your carpet, furniture, hardwood floors, and wallpaper to fade and make your home look older than it really is. UV rays can also cause paintings, photographs, and other decorative items to lose their vibrancy.

Energy efficient Windows, which are often also being used for Soundproofing purposes, are made of layered laminated glass injected with Krypton or Argon gas to improve insulation. These Windows can protect home furniture by preventing dust and drafts from getting indoors. To protect electronics, furniture, and other home equipment from UV-ray damage, they also feature low thermal emissivity (low e), a quality that allows your Windows to emit low level thermal energy.

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