Real Estate Benefits of Adding Soundproof Windows to Your Home

When it comes to choosing structural or aesthetic improvements for your home, there are number of different options you can choose from: remodel the kitchen, remodel the bathroom, replace the roof, replace the windows, – the list goes on and on! One factor that some homeowners might not readily consider is the real estate benefits of investing in soundproof windows.

The most obvious benefit, of course, is sound reduction – which will be particularly impactful on inner city homes where noise is more incessant or homes that are located on busy streets, highways, or near airport hubs. However, there are many other benefits to investing in soundproof windows other than sound. In this post, we will walk through all benefits to soundproof windows, so you can make the most informed decision for your home’s next big investment.

Real Estate Benefits of Soundproof Windows

Benefit #1: Improved Real Estate Value

One of the most significant benefits of soundproof windows is the impact they can have on a properties’ real estate value. For homes that are located in busy city hubs, soundproof windows can be an important selling point to your home, because soundproof windows effectively reduce 95% of unwanted outside noise. When it comes to investing in property, homeowners will take into consideration any and all aspects in their buying decision. Having a peaceful, quiet home environment could be what distinguishes your condo or townhome from the next.

Although inner city properties are most impacted by noise, there are many homes outside of the city that experience the same struggles, especially those located next to highways, other busy roads or even airports. Soundproof windows are an effective barrier against noise that comes with a properties’ location. So, noise will not be a deterrent in a buyer’s decision.

Benefit #2: Lower Energy Costs

In addition to the benefit of sound and noise reduction, another major benefit of soundproof windows is the energy efficiency they offer. Soundproof windows dramatically decrease drafts and other air infiltrations that come into your home, which is beneficial during all seasons of the year. This means you keep the hot air out and cold air in during summer and vice versa during winter.

On top of draft reduction, soundproof windows also reduces the amount of ultraviolet rays coming into your home up to 99%. This means that your interior drapes, carpet, and furniture (and skin!) will not be damaged by harsh sun rays. This is a benefit year-round, but most especially during summer.

A more energy efficient home with soundproof windows means that it will be less stress on heating and cooling systems that otherwise would have to work much harder in the summer and winter to maintain moderate temperatures in extremely cold or hot seasons. Because soundproof windows will insulate your home more effectively, this will also alleviate heating/cooling systems from overworking, which means less maintenance and fewer expensive repairs over time.

Benefit #3: Safety and Security

One option for many soundproof windows is laminated glass. Unlike standard glass, laminated glass is constructed with an inner layer of plastic that holds together two outer layers of glass in place, which makes laminated windows exponentially more durable in the event of damage. Laminated glass is so secure, it is similar to a car windshield’s glass. Even when struck with repeated blows, it will not shatter, and more difficult to penetrate.

Laminated soundproof windows are an excellent long-term investment for a home as they are one type of a barrier to burglars. The peace of mind knowing that you and your family will be safe and protected is priceless. This benefit alone can increase your property’s value significantly as well.

Benefit #4: Commercial Building Improvements

For commercial properties such as hotels, apartments, businesses, and more, the benefits listed above apply, but can have even more of a substantial impact. Apartments, for instance, can be listed for a higher rental price due to the sound reduction, draft reduction, and UV reduction benefits. Businesses and other commercial buildings can provide a quieter, more productive work environment for employees or office spaces due to the sound reduction benefits. And, overall, the lower utility costs long-term will be worth the one-time installation cost.

Benefit #5: Compliant with Building Codes

Because soundproof window panes are installed on top of the window and do not alter the existing window, they are compliant with nearly all building codes making them an option for the vast majority of property owners. This is particularly helpful for historic registered homes, where getting structural approval on new windows, doors, and other structural elements that alter the appearance of the home very difficult. Soundproof windows can be installed with virtually no approval from the architectural committee. So, with soundproof window installation, you can get the benefits of new windows without altering the existing window.

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