Sleep Like Royalty: Meghan and Prince Harry Soundproof Windows

CitiQuiet was brought in as an expert on soundproof windows on an Inside Edition article featuring Meghan and Harry’s recent soundproof job on their Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, about 25 miles west of London. CitiQuiet’s founder Michael Lentin spoke about the importance of soundproof windows, especially when protecting newborns from outside noise. Because they reduce up to 95% of unwanted noise, soundproof windows are paramount for small children to sleep soundly at night.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moved into their new Windsor cottage this Spring right before the birth of their son Archie on May 6, 2019. Since moving, they have been experiencing incessant plane noise from being located next to the airport, where they reportedly experience about 30 planes passing over the cottage every hour! In an attempt to do anything necessary to help baby Archie sleep sounder and longer, the royal couple invested $66,000 to soundproof all the modern windows in their cottage to protect against the unwanted flight path noise.

Supermodel Carol Alt related to the royal couple’s noise problems and decided to soundproof her own windows in New York City with CitiQuiet. On the Inside Edition segment, Michael Lentin, owner of CitiQuiet, explained how soundproof windows block out 95% of unwanted outside noise.

Ready to Sleep like Royalty?

If you are suffering from unwanted noise in your home and seeking sound, uninterrupted sleep, the experts at CitiQuiet can help you. Call (212) 874-5362 to discuss your soundproof needs with us and schedule a free estimate consultation in Metro NYC. You don’t have to be royalty, but our team will treat you as such!

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