Soundproof Home Office: Work From Home Noise Reduction

Soundproof Home Office: Work From Home Noise Reduction

Because of the recent and ongoing widespread effects of COVID-19, many restraints have been put in place to control the levels of interaction amongst people. One of the earliest restrictions was on the workplaces of those considered non-essential workers, and it has only continued to strengthen, leaving most people working from home. Business for many companies must continue as normal, which has led to a massive shift towards telecommunication and other necessary measures to help people continue to perform their job duties from home. 

While working from home seemed daunting to many at first, over the course of just a few short months, many companies and employees have found themselves easily adapting to this new means of working. These new work from home measures have proved to be overall successful, so it may not come as a shock to find that these changes may become more permanent in some manners. Even after social distancing and shelter-in-place orders are lifted, it is safe to say that many companies will not return to how business was once conducted. Work from home opportunities will likely increase across the board, and many people may find their home offices a new, more permanent workspace. However, with new work from home environments comes new work from home background noise. Luckily, CitiQuiet has some solutions to help eliminate many sound-related distractions.

Daytime Noise Complaints

While there are many different benefits that come with working from home, there can also be some drawbacks. The main drawback is, undoubtedly, work from home background noise. While daytime noise complaints have always been an issue, they are having to be dealt with now more than ever. There are many different types of work from home background noises that you may be experiencing, such as:

Noise From Neighbors Who Share Common Walls

If you live in an apartment, condo or townhouse, you most likely share common walls with some of your neighbors. If both of you are working from home, which is most likely the case, then there may be some extra unwanted work from home background noise. Whether they are on calls, taking care of kids, or anything else that may cause extra noise, it may bring up some daytime noise complaints.

Presence of More People Outside

There are not many options to get out of the house these days other than to go outside and try to get some fresh air. This could include a walk or run, a bike ride, walking the dog, or anything else to try and get out from the bounds of your house. This can also cause a lot of extra noise from outside of your windows. Depending on the type of windows you have, a lot of this sound travels from outside, directly into your house or home office and can be very distracting when you are trying to work.

Typical Outdoor Noises

Additionally, there are probably a lot of other work from home background noises that you may be facing with the transition to full-time working from home. Traffic, road work, and other loud noises that you may not have even noticed before can now be very distracting and bothersome. 

A Need For Work From Home Noise Reduction

As mentioned before, these noises can be very distracting and tiring to deal with day in and day out, especially when you are trying to get work done or meet an important deadline. Not only can it be distracting, but it can also play a big role when it comes to affecting Zoom, Skype, and other telecommunication calls. With most everyone working from home now, telecommunication has become a huge part of how we communicate with co-workers, clients, and anyone else who we may need to reach. Zoom, Skype, and other face-time platforms of communication have seen a huge increase in popularity and use. With these, however, comes an increase in the threat of work from home background noise. No one wants to be the person on the call with dogs barking or the sound of a police siren or car horn blaring in the background. Luckily, CitiQuiet has a solution for this increase in the need for work from home noise reduction.

SoundProof Home Office

The best solution to appease any daytime noise complaints that you may have is a soundproof home office. Having a soundproof home office will allow you to complete your work without any unnecessary noise or sound interference. You will also be able to finally take your calls without the fear of unwanted background noise. Luckily, achieving a soundproof home office is quick, easy, and reliable with CitiQuiet!

How To Soundproof Your Home Office

A soundproof home office is a fantastic solution to your need for work from home noise reduction. You don’t need to worry about how to soundproof your home office though. Leave it to the experts at CitiQuiet to solve your problem. We specialize in knowing how to soundproof your home office and can create the perfect environment for you to continue to work in for however long is needed. Our soundproof windows will block out any unwanted noise and will allow you to focus on what is important. Additionally, our team is taking extra precautions to make sure that you and your family have nothing to worry about when the CitiQuiet team comes to soundproof your home office. You can learn about these extra safety measures here! 

To learn more about our services, check out the rest of the CitiQuiet website or give us a call today at (212) 874-5362. 

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