Soundproof Windows for Noisy New York Outdoor Dining

Soundproof Windows for Noisy New York Outdoor Dining

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, restaurants began feeling the heat of lost revenue, especially in normally busy cities like New York City. That’s when the NYC Open Restaurants Program started, a program that allowed restaurants to expand into sidewalks and streets with shabby-built seating areas made of plywood, sheet metal, and any materials they could get their hands on. 

This program kept tens of thousands of New York City restaurants afloat during the pandemic, which also kept about 100,000 service industry workers employed. The problem? The NYC Open Restaurants Program did not cover specifications or guidelines, allowing restaurants to basically build and do whatever they desired. The upkeep of these structures is practically nonexistent to this day, and these outdoor dining areas have produced more rambunctious crowds than ever before. Not to mention, the New York City noise has gotten worse by the month, especially during the summertime. 

Due to the slow-moving nature of legalities and new guidelines being passed by the NYC Open Restaurants Program, CitiQuiet has a few ideas on how to take matters into your own hands.

Restaurants Can Be More Courteous to Residents and Neighborhoods 

In this case, it all starts with the restaurants since they are the ones who have expanded onto the city streets European style. A majority of the structures that New Yorkers are frustrated with tend to be the ones that are “shoddily built.” This is especially true in higher-traffic areas where street lanes are no longer usable due to these structures. In some parts of NYC, there are 10+ restaurants in high-density areas, all with their own outdoor dining structures. This has led to increased congestion and more eye sores. 

New York City residents are claiming that these structures are a breeding ground for rats and bugs because there is also an influx of trash being thrown outside near these sheds. The other issue here? A great deal of these outdoor dining areas stay open late, sometimes till 3 AM or after. Late-night loud crowds have been getting worse, just adding to the traditional New York City noise. This has resulted in a  large movement of New Yorkers, known as the ​​Coalition United for Equitable Urban Policy (CUEUP), who are opposing the permanency of the NYC Open Restaurants Program.

There is an opportunity here to beautify these outdoor dining spaces, creating a more aesthetically pleasing environment for residents, diners, and owners alike. If the NYC Open Restaurants Program does become permanent, it will give restaurants the opportunity to redo these spaces and make them more pleasant for everyone. CitiQuiet recommends soundproof window installation within the partially enclosed structures and dining spaces. This would create a better-looking design on the streets while also making it possible to block the noises of late-night diners, allowing nearby residents to have more peace and quiet. 

CitiQuiet’s soundproof windows block up to 95% of existing noises, drowning out most of the boisterous New York City noise. This solution, in combination with tighter guidelines on cleanliness and upkeep of these structures, would dramatically reduce the negative impact on New York City neighborhoods. 

Soundproof Window Installation for Residents

Even though some restaurants may turn to newer outdoor dining options with soundproof windows, a great deal of these outdoor dining areas are fully exposed and have just a few tables and umbrellas. These sorts of outdoor dining areas most likely won’t expand to include soundproof windows due to restaurant budget constraints. While some restaurants have the capital to spend on soundproofing their outdoor spaces, not all of them do. In these situations, soundproofing is an ideal option on the residential side.

If the restaurants that are causing these noises do not step up, there are other solutions that can reduce the outside New York City noise. CitiQuiet’s soundproof windows are a fantastic choice to install within residential homes, condos, and apartments. Residents in areas with a high density of restaurants offering outdoor dining may find this to be a wonderful way to block out the hustle and bustle of the day along with the loud, after-dark crowds. It is an investment that will save residents a lot of grief in the long run, so landlords and homeowners alike should begin to consider this as a strong, viable solution. 

Turning Down New York City Noise with Soundproof Window Installation

With the city of New York strongly pursuing permanency for the NYC Open Restaurant Program, it’s highly likely that, by 2023, there will be new guidelines set in place for these outdoor structures. The “shabbier” ones will most likely be forced to be torn down and rebuilt, bringing in the opportunity for soundproof windows to be included in the construction. In areas where restaurants don’t want to build full structures, soundproof window installation on the residential side may be the best option to keep the New York City noise out. If you have any pertinent questions regarding soundproofing or new window installation, contact us through this form on our website to learn more about CitiQuiet and our soundproof windows today!

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