Soundproof Windows For Loud AC Units

With the hot summer days upon us, air conditioning is a must for New York residents. Though, because air conditioners are only needed three to four months out of the year, they are often are underused, out-of date and in poor condition. Poorly maintained air conditioners, especially commercial and industrial AC units on rooftops, can generate excessive and disturbing noise to residents and local schools. To block out loud AC units noise during these summer days, invest in soundproof windows to protect a peaceful environment in your NYC apartment or townhome this summer.

As we all know New York is a vertical city where apartment homes and businesses are within close proximity and are often stacked on top of each other – much to the dismay of residents. In fact, New York City’s 311-complaint line receives, on average, 4,500 complaints about air conditioning and ventilation equipment each year. The majority of noise complaints come from residents living in Midtown South, North Side, SoHo, Lower Manhattan, and West Village. This does not come as a surprise; New York’s noisiest cities have tall buildings with giant industrial ventilation systems on rooftops and several one-bedroom unit air conditioning systems outside apartment windows that produce incessant noise all summer long.

NYC’s AC Unit Noise Code

To protect residents’ peace and quiet (not to mention, sanity), New York has a Noise Code in place restricting the decibel level of air conditioners and circulation devices. According to the code, a building’s cumulative noise level from AC units cannot exceed 42 decibels as measured from three feet away from the noise source. For context, a comparison noise level of 42 decibels would be the humming of a dishwasher or the collective sound of light traffic.

This decibel level seems very reasonable, but what if your apartment window is three feet from the AC unit? Now that’s an entirely different story.

As a New York resident, I am grateful for this noise code restriction, but I have to admit – it’s loosely imposed and the process of actually implementing enforcement is arduous. Sometimes qualified inspectors from the Department of Environmental Protection have to take multiple readings before they can enforce the Noise Code on a business, and even then the decibel level usually has to be significantly above the Noise Code limit. Even still, what are residents to do if their window is only a few feet from a roaring, loud AC unit that is within the decibel limit?

Soundproof Window Solution

Soundproof windows are the perfect solution for NYC residents who are victim to loud AC units that the DEP cannot (or will not) deem necessary to enforce decibel level restriction. CitiQuiet soundproof windows are proven to block up to 95% of relentless and unwanted noise. The installation process is simple and quick, as it requires no construction or alterations to the existing windows. Our soundproof windows are installed into the interior opening of the windowsill, a few inches away from the existing window. If your apartment actually uses a window air conditioner, our windows will fit around them. And, as an added bonus, our windows provide better insulation than normal residential windows.

If you or someone you know is living with an annoying, disruptive AC Unit outside your window, don’t lose another precious night’s sleep over it. Call CitiQuiet today at 212-874-5362 for a free request estimate. We promise it will make your summer.

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