South Avenue Redevelopment Area

South Avenue Redevelopment Area

A proposed redevelopment plan has been circulating and developing for the Westfield, NJ area that borders Garwood. The area expands 5.54 acres and is thought to be underutilized and unattractive and the redevelopment plan intends to revitalize an otherwise promising area. The drafted plan proposes 17,000 square feet for retail and 156 housing units with an additional 37 housing units in the southern part of the site. 32 affordable housing units will be built within the area, under the town’s affordable housing plan.

The properties included in this plan are:

  • 421-429 South Avenue East
  • 445-449 South Avenue East
  • 448 South Avenue East
  • 418 South Avenue East
  • 338 Windsor Avenue

The History of the Area and Birth of The Redevelopment Plan

The buildings within this South Avenue region are considered “old, beat-up sites” that have essentially fallen into “despair” according to the project director, Chris Colley.  Similarly, many residents of the area expressed concern over the aesthetics of the buildings and the lack of say that they have had in any sort of designing or cohesiveness of the area. 

It is because of reasons like this that the South Avenue area, and the properties within its bounds, were declared an area in need of redevelopment about a year ago. Specifically, the area was declared as a “non-condemnation area in need of redevelopment,” a ruling intended to give more control to the town in this redevelopment project, visually and architecturally. 

The Details of the Redevelopment Plan

This redevelopment plan will consist of mixed-use development including ground-floor retail, open spaces, and housing units. There will be a total of 193 housing units. The development will include affordable-housing options, parking that meets certain regulations, and follow other specific guidelines that need to be met in cases like this. This redevelopment plan, more specifically, will allow for more types of businesses to inhabit the storefronts. Originally, only retail stores were going to be permitted, but now, the spaces will be available for retail, restaurants, personal services, childcare, and educational services. The new redevelopment will also add additional open space and will include improvements to both the landscape and the streetscape. Lastly, the building and architectural standards will be heightened and carefully considered to address the complaints of the residents and representatives of the area. As stated in the redevelopment plan, the overall goal is to create a “vibrant and active public-facing environment” that will “ensure the site is attractive to both its tenants and the surrounding community.” 

The Status of the Redevelopment Plan

At the most recent Westfield Town Council meeting, the representatives passed on first reading an ordinance to adopt a redevelopment plan for the area. The redevelopment plan will now go to the planning board where it will be reviewed for consistency with the Master Plan. If consistency is found, the ordinance will return to the council for a second reading and a public hearing. 

The CitiQuiet Impact

It is fresh developments like this, coupled with the call for aesthetic improvements, that are ideal candidates for CitiQuiet soundproof windows. The range of benefits of these soundproof windows covers a number of the needs and desires of local residents and town representatives alike. 

1. Undeniable Versatility

The CitiQuiet soundproof windows are ideal for both personal spaces and commercial spaces. That means that both the retail spaces and the housing spaces in this redevelopment plan, and similar plans, will benefit from the installation and use of soundproof windows. 

2. Noise Elimination

Any additional traffic as a result of the retail components of the plan will be no issue for the residents within the area if CitiQuiet soundproof windows are used. These soundproof windows eliminate up to 95% of existing noise, so increased traffic and noise pollution does not have to be a concern. 

3. Add Market Value

CitiQuiet soundproof windows add market value right off the bat, which is a win-win for the locals and the town. 

4. Energy Efficient

These windows are also energy-efficient with thermal, moisture, and humidity control. Plus, they offer a 99% reduction in dirt and drafts. That means they are good for the building plans and good for the environment. 

5. Aesthetically Perfect

If that is not already enough, the soundproof windows from CitiQuiet are expertly designed to improve your space while looking fantastic. They are fully operable, completely removable, and are the aesthetic boost that many residents and locals want to see, as seen in the case of this redesigning plan. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of utilizing CitiQuiet soundproof windows in improvement or redevelopment projects like the South Avenue Redevelopment Area Plan. 

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