The 4 Advantages of Soundproof Windows—Other than Sound

By Michael Lentin

One doesn’t need an in-depth explanation of the most important function of a Soundproof Window—to eliminate sound. Many may not realize, however, that Soundproof Windows actually prove to serve many functions other than simply eliminating noise. Below are the four advantages Soundproof Windows can bring to your home (other than preventing outer sounds).

1. They’re Cleaner.
One sometimes overlooked feature of Soundproof Windows is that they also reduce the amount of dust, dirt, moisture and wind that can build up around your Windows, meaning that they have to be cleaned much less often than normal Windows.

Because the Windows are installed in the interior of your home, they’re not exposed to outside elements, and since they’re more easily removable than normal Windows, they’re much easier to clean when you need to. Since keeping Windows clean probably isn’t very high on anyone’s list of enjoyable activities, this is a huge advantage for many homeowners.

2. They’re Easier to Operate.
CitiQuiet Windows not only operate in the same way as normal Windows, but they are actually more simple to operate. They open and close just as any Window would, and you can even keep your air conditioner unit attached as it previously was. The Windows are on a roller System that makes for a very easy and smooth opening and closing motion.

Don’t be fooled by imitators who use steel on steel rollers; this actually fosters a higher amount of friction, thus creating more resistance. Our custom, sealed bearing rollers allow for a more painless Window operating experience than other kinds of Windows.

3. They’re More Energy Efficient.
CitiQuiet prides our Windows on being highly energy efficient. First, they drastically reduce the amount of air infiltration into your home (you know those pesky cracks that let out the cold air in the summer and the warm air in the winter?).

Second, they reduce convection, the act of energy transferring from one medium to another—in this case, the warm air in your home escaping through the Windows into the cold air outside, thus largely raising the price of your heating bill.

Lastly, they lessen the amount of radiation, or the emission of unwanted solar heat into your home in the summer. We also offer e-low glass, which works to prevent heat radiation in the summer, but allows this heat in the winter.

Our option of double pane Windows further improves your Windows’ insulation. Another reason to consider energy efficient Windows: our Windows pass the strenuous standards of the U.S. Department of Energy and EPA’s joint program that helps consumers lower their electric bills, all while helping the environment.

4. They Increase Your Home’s Real Estate Value.
Not only will your building management almost always permit the installation of our Windows, but they can actually bring up the real estate value of your home. When selling your home, it’s a huge value point to have Windows that eliminate sound, while also serving to reduce power bills. Investing in Soundproof Windows now can prove to be a worthy investment for the future.

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