The Magic and Science Behind Soundproof Windows

By Michael Lentin

Sirens blare, cars honk, that darn dog won’t shut up.

Then you wake up to your perfectly silent bedroom—it was all a bad dream. You remember that you had CitiQuiet Windows installed yesterday. You hear something you’ve never heard in New York City before: nothing at all.

You soak in the serene, peaceful environment as you flip over your pillow and get comfortable. Those Windows work like magic, you think.

As magical as they seem, our Soundproof interior Windows are actually built on the science of sound insulation. Here’s how they work.

Laminated Glass Neutralizes Sounds
First, your new Windows are made from thick laminated glass, which dampens the sound vibrations and stops them from reaching you. Also found in your car’s windshield, laminated glass seamlessly conjoins two panes of glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Try to imagine grabbing hold of a ringing bell—that’s the way our Windows stop the noise.

Air Space Insulates Against Noise
Your new CitiQuiet Windows are installed inside your home or office, sitting just a few inches away from your existing Windows; this creates an insulating air space to help further reduce noise. The city’s sirens are laying siege to your castle, but we’ve battened the hatches and reinforced the gates—your night’s rest is safe and sound.

That’s how CitiQuiet Windows save the day (and the night).

To learn more about CitiQuiet’s interior Soundproof Windows, contact us now.

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