We’re Making a List and Checking it Twice…

We’re Making a List and Checking it Twice

With the holidays fast approaching, the significance of lists is bigger than ever. There are holiday wish lists, holiday to-do lists, and everyone is hoping to be on the good side of another very important holiday list! 

Santa's naughty or nice list

That’s not the only lists that matter this year though! Our team at CitiQuiet is making a list and we are checking it twice- and you should be too! The CitiQuiet list for a better home or apartment atmosphere is here- and you won’t want to miss out on what’s on it!

CitiQuiet’s List

Less Noise

Are you looking to achieve a quieter, more serene home or apartment environment? Less noise means a better work environment, less distraction, and better sleep for you and all of your loved ones. With CitiQuiet soundproof windows, that is exactly what you will get as they eliminate 95% of existing noise. This is one of the many ways CitiQuiet windows make an apartment or house feel more like home. 

Cleaner Apartment or Home 

Having a clean living space is essential, but oftentimes difficult to maintain. CitiQuiet windows allow for an easier, cleaner environment. These soundproofing windows offer a 99% reduction in dirts and drafts, they are easy to clean, and they look great in any space! The only unexpected thing that should be entering your home this season is through the chimney! 

Santa Clause coming in through the chimney

Energy Efficient 

It’s always great when you can have a white Christmas, but this year, why not make it a green Christmas too? CitiQuiet soundproof windows are energy efficient, meaning they are thermal, moisture, and humidity-controlled. The specially treated glass in these windows prevents heat from entering or leaving quickly, reducing the money you spend on electricity and, increasing insulation, and creating an overall more energy-efficient space. 

Enhances Quality of Life

One of the best things about CitiQuiet’s soundproof windows is that they enhance and promote quality of life for you and all of your loved ones. They can help to increase productivity, lower stress levels, and overall allow you to focus more on the things that matter. Plus, they allow you to get more work done and more hours of sleep in without the distraction of unwanted noises. It’s the soundproofing window solution that you want, and deserve. 

& So Much More!

These are only a few of the things that make these soundproof windows unbeatable. They can also be easily installed into your space with no alteration or construction required, require no building approval, add significant market value to your home, and so much more! This is truly one list that could go on and on. 

This year, give yourself and your family the gift that you deserve with soundproof windows from CitiQuiet. We’ve checked our list and checked it twice and we know you have earned it! 

If this list sounds appealing to you, then get the gift that keeps on giving with CitiQuiet soundproof windows and give us a call today at (212) 874-5362 or learn more at our soundproofing windows page.

And from all of us at the CitiQuiet family, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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