Why CitiQuiet Windows?

By Michael Lentin

Horns honking. Speakers blaring. Tires screeching. Thousands walking and talking at leisure. For cities in which excessive noise is a constant battle, many residents have begun an avid search to find solutions. New York City is notorious for its roaring nightlife, thin walls, noisy neighbors and loud traffic, making it one of the most noise polluted cities in the entire world. Noise is consistently the number one quality of life issue in New York, and there were over 40,000 noise complaints in the year 2012 alone, according to the Environmental Health Perspectives.

Frustration aside, noise pollution has been proven to be a major health threat to many city dwellers. Excessive noise can contribute to higher levels of stress, sleep deprivation, premature hearing loss, inability to focus, and high blood pressure, says the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which combined with heightened stress can increase chances of a heart attack or stroke. If you ask us, no amount of noise is worth sacrificing your health.

There are, however, affordable options for blocking city noise out of your home, office, and other spaces.

CitiQuiet is a leading manufacturer of Soundproof Window Systems. What many may not realize, however, is that while CitiQuiet installs an interior Window System, they don’t replace your existing Window. Your current Windows remain completely untouched.

Our glass has a heavy laminated interlayer for breaking down external noise and making it difficult from entering into your home, or office

But enough about science. What’s important about our service is that we custom fabricate your new interior Soundproof Windows to fit exactly into your existing Window openings. Many competitors actually seal your Windows, making it impossible to open or close them as you wish. Additionally, your AC unit will still be able to stay exactly where it is.

Our treatment is unique because once installed, the Windows roll on flush-mounted wheels, providing a smooth and easy opening and closing motion. Noise finds it difficult to penetrate through the Windows, but without the complication of other Soundproof Windows; they are still very easy to operate, so you can still open them for a breeze on a nicer day.
As a single source company, we also eliminate the need for a sub contractor. We fabricate the Windows in our own warehouse, and we sell, install, and provide service for the Windows. All of our employees are vetted, background checked, bonded and insured.

Since our number one priority is customer satisfaction, we also make a point to leave your home better off than when we arrived. While construction workers are known to track a huge mess into homes, we provide the white glove service. Our technicians wear protective booties when in your home or office to make sure it stays clean and mess free. CitiQuiet takes the time to vacuum upon leaving, clean the glass at installation, and schedules all installations at the clients’ convenience. Our white glove approach ensures that your home is left with no mess or cleanup.

Perhaps the most important aspect of our service is that we offer an unconditional money back satisfaction guarantee, complete with no gimmicks or strings attached. If you don’t take our word, you can ask the Supreme Court, United Nations, or New York University Medical Center to see how they’ve felt about their new Soundproof facilities.

The city doesn’t sleep—but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to either. Peace and quiet are two things many sacrifice in order to live in a place as thriving as New York. If you miss sleeping without interruption or have forgotten what silence actually sounds like, CitiQuiet’s Windows offer the opportunity to regain the peace you’ve gone without.

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