5 Must-Do Summer Home Improvement Projects

5 Must-Do Summer Home Improvement Projects

Summer brings a fountain of reasons to be outdoors, enjoying activities like having cookouts or spending time by the pool with friends and family. As the days are longer and warmer, we couldn’t be more excited to take advantage of the great weather while it’s here. But with great summer weather are some days that bring in a bit of heat – well, a lot of heat.  While most homeowners are eagerly planning to spend time away from the home, don’t miss the opportunity to make home improvements while the line is short and while the weather is mild. We’ve created a list of 5 must-do summer home improvement projects to tackle before summer is in full effect.

1. Roof Repairs

Have you ever thought about roof repairs during the wintertime? Generally, roof repairs in the winter months don’t make the perfect pair, but summertime sure does! These warmer months present the best time to handle roof repairs for any areas on your roof that may need reinforcements, patching of any holes that are causing leaks, and also shingle replacements. Shingle replacement is a particularly great summer home improvement task as shingles require heat to form a weathertight seal, properly protecting your home.

2. Outdoor and Lawn Improvements

Outdoor and lawn improvements are also great summer home improvement projects to not only add some life and vibrancy to your front and/or back yard but also to beat the heat. Consider planting a tree to shade windows that are directly exposed to the sun. This home improvement tip for the summer will reduce the amount of heat that enters your home, ultimately providing some savings on your energy bills. 

3. HVAC System Inspection

No list of summer home improvement projects is complete without the necessary HVAC system inspection. Nothing is worse than finding out your air conditioner failed on a scorching hot summer’s day. To stay ahead of losing the cool inside your home, it’s best to address any heating, ventilation, and air conditioning concerns before the summer season. Taking care of this particular home improvement now will also put you ahead of the queue for specialists to visit your home for an HVAC inspection.

4. Update, Replace and Treat Your Windows

In addition to these home improvement ideas above, it’s important to update, replace, and treat your windows to beat the heat. Maintaining old, inefficient windows that allow heat to escape may be doing more harm to your wallet than good. When updating or replacing your windows with available energy-efficient windows, you will lower your utility bills and get a high return on investment on your home. 

Similarly, window treatments such as curtains or blinds can improve the comfortability inside your home while offering your preferred visual design in the home you’ve grown to love.

5. Insulate, Insulate, Insulate

At CitiQuiet, we are big fans of sound – sound sleep, sound mind, and sound comfort. For that reason, we highly recommended tackling window insulation as one of your summer home improvement projects. With the addition of our soundproof windows, you’ll cover all bases with insulating your home. So, if replacing windows isn’t part of your to-do summer home improvement projects this year, consider our soundproof windows!

Cracks around your window don’t only allow for cool air to escape and heat to enter, but it also allows for noise to travel in as well. If you live near busy areas, such as airports or high traffic streets, then insulating your home with CitiQuiet’s soundproof windows will address these issues and reinforce the summer home improvement tips above, impacting your overall energy conservation during the summer heat.

As always, we value customer satisfaction and want to offer the best tips for your sound mind and comfort. To learn more about how to save energy with our soundproof windows, check out our about us here. Be sure to check out more insight for your home or commercial building at our CitiQuiet blog today.