An Oasis from the City—Your Bedroom

There are homebodies and then there are people who love being out and about. No matter who you are, you can admit that the comfort of your bedroom is beyond compare. From the privacy of your own dwelling, to the fluffiness of your personal pillows, there is something about a bedroom that exudes relaxation and escape. During a long, hard day at work this is the place you daydream of returning to, to clear your mind and unwind. Many of us view our bedrooms as a sanctuary and an extension of ourselves, decorating and feng shui-ing the rooms until they suit our likings. As your bedroom may be your one oasis from the city, you’ll want to, if you already haven’t, invest quality time, thought, and maybe a little money into making it into making it a personalized haven and relaxed environment.

One way to make your bedroom more comfortable and relaxing is to control the sounds that you hear in your room. Some people are soothed by the sounds of nature. If that is you, you might consider purchasing speakers that will allow you to listen to crickets chirping, waves crashing, and rain falling. A miniature fountain is another option to give your room natural sound effects that will allow you to feel rested and serene. If nature is not your thing, play music or sounds that appeal to you and put you in a state of peace and satisfaction. In addition to nature lovers, there are people who are relaxed by simple, every day manufactured sounds. For those people, having white noise playing or a fan humming may produce an ideal resting environment.

Chances are you’ve already developed your ideal sound setting in your room, but you may have neglected to consider the unwanted noises that enter your room and can have direct and adverse effects on your mood. Noise pollution can become a major issue that you’ll want to address before it affects your health. If you live in an area where there is frequent construction, it can cause you to lose sleep, become irritable, or even develop headaches. There are a few things you can do to mitigate this issue of unwanted noise. The first solution may sound obvious but you would be surprised at how many people are too bashful to consider it. Talk to whoever is causing the noise about potentially coming up with a compromise that will work for the both of you, such as working during the times when you are not planning on being home. If this is not an option, considering soundproofing the windows in your bedroom is your next best bet. Window soundproofing reduces upwards of 95% of noises entering your room through your windows. Tackling noise pollution will have a significant effect on your quality of life.

In addition to controlling the sound in your room, there are other aesthetic changes you can make to create a serene sanctuary. Look to your senses of sight and smell to guide you in arranging your living environment. The color of your bedroom walls may seem trivial, but the color of your room can in fact have bearing on your emotional health. According to health specialists, cool colors like blues, greens, and lavenders are ideal choices as they can have a calming effect. In addition to wall color, room aroma is important. You’d be surprised how much a candle or stick of incense can do to improve your mood or feeling of relaxation.