CitiQuiet and The Rachel Ray Show Help the Deserving Teens of Urban Word NYC

At CitiQuiet, our greatest victories come in knowing we help people. In fact, company founder Michael Lentin first developed his first soundproof window for a friend in need. Incapable of sleeping due to the sounds of Manhattan waking his infant child, the friend’s window served as a prototype for the design we install in hundreds of homes each year.

With over two decades of growth under our belts, philanthropy remains a fixture of our corporate philosophy. From small, grassroots organizations to international entities such as the American Cancer Society, CitiQuiet has never backed down from a chance to aid those less fortunate than we.

Earlier this month we were reached out to by The Rachael Ray Show. The program was teaming with Urban Word NYC, a youth development program focused on creative writing, spoken word, and poetry.

With only a small office space to run the program and manage its operations, the space needed a breath of life to come closer to its potential. A low wall with a large gap between it and the ceiling divided the administrators and creative area, making interruptions commonplace and privacy impossible.

We couldn’t turn up the chance to use our soundproof windows to make a difference in these kids’ lives. Almost immediately we set out to get the appropriate measurements and begin manufacturing their windows.

When the day of the shoot arrived, CitiQuiet loaded its trucks and arrived at Urban Word’s lower-Manhattan office. The place was already abuzz with camera crew activity, and we set out to complete our task.

The installation went like most of the one’s we’ve completed in our time – we laid down the master frame, adjoined the frames for each individual soundproof window, and set the sashes into place. This case was unique, however, in the sense that several heating pipes went through the same space we were trying to soundproof. To address this, we installed soundproof windows around the pipes and sealed the negative space off with a custom insulator.

Despite clocking in at nearly eight hours, the job hardly felt like showing up to work on a Saturday. After our work was said and done, the space still needed another day before it was a finished product. Still, the crew departed proud of the effort they contributed.

The completed office was revealed a week later on The Rachael Ray Show – images follow below!

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