Five Reasons Why You Need Soundproof Windows at Home

Five Reasons Why You Need Soundproof Windows at Home

1. Because You’re Tired of all the Noise

We know the story, as do the thousands of clients we’ve serviced in 20 years of CitiQuiet excellence. Our Soundproof Windows are unquestionably the most effective way to reduce outside noise penetration.

Whether you live in a burgeoning metropolis, near an airport or simply can’t stand being woken up at 4am by garbage trucks, odds are its impacting your quality of life.

2 .You Want To Be More Productive

You might think it’s a stretch to think that another slab of glass will actually make you more productive – but hear us out. We all know the feeling of waking up groggy and dragging ourselves to work after a restless night, highlighted by that miserable racket from the bar you live across the street from. But this would be a thing of the past with Soundproof Windows at your disposal.

Soundproof Windows can eliminate up to 90% of noise levels in your home. Fewer noises mean less distraction, and less distraction means you get deeper, longer sleep with fewer interruptions. As a result, you’re more likely to wake up feeling refreshed, poising you for an energized day.

3. It’ll Save You Money

Of all the home improvement options possible, installing Soundproof Windows consistently rates among the highest with regard to its total return on investment (ROI). They’ll make your home warmer in the winters and cooler in the summer, reducing energy costs as you’ll rely less on additional heating or cooling elements.

That’s because CitiQuiet’s Soundproof Windows boost your home’s energy efficiency, stabilizing temperatures through the same mechanisms we reduce noise levels. And because you’re eligible to earn tax credits for your green initiatives, part of the initial investment is covered by the government.

4. You Won’t Dread Allergy Season

If you’re anything like other people, nothing will send your sinuses into conniptions quite like the changing of seasons. Pollen, dust and air pollution – the list of allergies just goes on and on. You can minimize the prevalence of these allergens by installing Soundproof Windows.

Because of the way CitiQuiet installs its Soundproof Windows, which are thick interior Windows spaced approximately six inches away from your existing Windows, all of these allergens are trapped within that space, and the additional glass adds a final layer of protection.

They say your nose knows best – and it certainly will when you wake up capable of taking a deep breath of fresh air.

5. You’ll Add Value to your Home

Installing Soundproof Windows and adding these benefits to your home can have additional implications that can reap you even greater benefits in the long-term. It’s especially the case as they add value to your property. And with that added value, you can do a better job of marketing your home to beat its market price.

All of the aforementioned points are ones you can use to gain leverage in the housing marketplace. Guaranteeing a quiet environment (especially in highly populated cities like New York and Los Angeles); you’ll get the attention of more potential buyers. Additionally, you can advertise energy efficiency – and we all know how environmentally conscious the world is today.

The same applies to homes and apartments alike – especially to renters. Subletting or renting your apartment equipped with Soundproof Windows gives you a competitive edge over similar properties, while allowing you to make an even greater return in higher rent costs.