How to Soundproof a Window with CitiQuiet

Despite the fact that Soundproofing has incredible benefits, the process is much easier than you’d expect! We’ll walk you through the steps to help you see how simple and helpful it is to get Soundproof Windows.

The first step in Soundproofing a Window is having a problem. Whether it’s noticing sounds that are far too loud or calling in noise complaints, these issues can make getting Soundproof Windows vital. If just the noise isn’t enough, consider how 12.5% of children have dulled hearing in one or both ears. You can prevent your children from becoming a part of this statistic by moving on to the next step of the process – making the call to CitiQuiet. Your CitiQuiet call comes with a free consultation that will answer all of your Soundproof Window concerns. CitiQuiet specializes in how to soundproof windows in NYC and beyond.

Once you have called CitiQuiet and received your free consultation, you can commit to white glove service. The CitiQuiet team prepares your Soundproof Windows prior to installation by pre-cutting them to your unique Window opening, which ensures consistent sizing. The Windows are installed on the inside of your home Window, inches away from your existing Window. This design allow for the CitiQuiet Window to be placed directly on top of your existing home Window for a clean and consistent final look.

The process of Soundproofing a Window includes laminated glass, which is two pieces of glass held together by a plastic inner layer. The glass serves several benefits including reduced noise, increased security, UV light filtering and intense strength that ensures that glass will not shatter. In addition to the positive features of laminated glass, the Soundproofing process itself has even more benefits. For example, Soundproof Windows block up to 95% of unwanted noise, don’t change the look of your current Window, have complete functionality with opening and closing your Window and don’t have any construction or mess. You won’t have to worry about answering ‘how can I make my windows soundproof’ because CitiQuiet will take care of it for you!

Soundproofing a Window comes with many noticeable benefits that improve the health and well-being of your family. After reading through the process of installing Soundproof Windows, you can be sure that making the commitment is a smart and easy choice.