Soundproof Apartment: How to Soundproof an Apartment

There are a number of benefits that make apartment living an attractive option for many – luxurious amenities, convenient locations, and lack of yard work, to name a few. However, when it comes to apartment complexes large or small, residents living in an apartment next to train tracks, busy streets, or surrounded by noisy neighbors often find that these sounds can quickly turn from mild annoyances to daily struggle. Even with the protection of New York city noise ordinances apartments still face challenges. At this point, you’re likely asking yourself how can I soundproof my apartment or how can I soundproof my apartment windows. So just how can you soundproof an apartment? Soundproofing NYC apartments is actually an easier process than likely expected.

While you likely won’t get permission to outfit your apartment with thicker walls or flooring, there are a number of non-invasive adjustments you can make if you’re wondering how to soundproof your apartment. The following tips work on apartments of any size, whether you’re wondering how to soundproof a studio apartment or more spacious home.

Seal the Gaps

The first step towards a soundproof apartment is to identify the source of the noise. A common culprit for unwanted noise in apartments are gaps in doors and windows. While these spaces may seem small, they can actually leave your space particularly vulnerable. To seal the gaps in your door, purchase sound blockers for apartments such as acoustic door seals. This seal creates an effective barrier to prevent outside noise from penetrating to reduce noise in apartments, bringing you much needed peace and quiet. In addition to doors, windows often have small spaces and gaps that allow noise to get in. If you’re wondering how can I soundproof my apartment windows, don’t worry, there are options. Window seal kits are readily available for purchase online and in many stores, and work wonders for keeping out noise.

Once all the obvious gaps in doors and windows have been sealed, take a few moments to inspect your apartment walls for any cracks. Surprisingly, small cracks can also enable noise from those around you to get in. A simple acoustic sealant or caulk should do the trick.

Add Fabric

Another one of the quickest ways to soundproof apartments and small spaces is by adding sound-absorbing fabrics to the space in your apartment. If you find that a great deal of noise enters your home through the windows, hang long curtains or drapes comprised of multiple layers of fabric, an inexpensive method for how to reduce street noise in apartments and how you can soundproof your apartment windows. You might also consider thicker, plush, fabric furniture as another defense against the noise.

Are your upstairs neighbor’s footsteps keeping you up at night? If you feel comfortable, contact your landlord to ask that the folks upstairs lay down a large rug. Not only will they find this addition to be a comfortable upgrade and decor enhancement, you’ll also notice a reduction in the noise coming from above.

Purchase a White Noise Machine

Still asking yourself how can I reduce noise in apartments? Another inexpensive noise-reducing product is the white noise machine. White noise machines are an effective soundproofing technique as they emit a constant, even noise across all audible frequencies, thus drowning out sudden changes that distract or disturb. At incredible affordable prices, you can invest in a few white noise machines for the particularly noisy spaces in your apartment. Air conditioning units NYC apartments often have can actually be effective in blocking out disruptive sounds.

Invest in Soundproof Apartment Windows

There are a variety of ways for how to soundproof an apartment window. One of the most effective techniques to soundproofing a space is by investing in soundproof apartment windows. Often times, windows are a primary source of unwanted external noise, particularly with loud traffic, roaring lawn mowers, or dogs barking just on the other side of the glass. To cut costs, many apartment buildings don’t purchase thick enough windows to block out much external noise.

While many are hesitant to look into soundproof apartment windows for fear of cost, most people asking how to soundproof my apartment find that they are actually more affordable than expected. Talk to your landlord to discuss if soundproof windows are an option for how to keep noise out of apartments in your building.

No matter where you live, noise should never be an issue. Taking the steps above for how to reduce apartment noise can have lasting benefits to your overall health and happiness. Learning how to soundproof an apartment and getting soundproof apartment windows are the most effective, efficient, and rewarding ways to get a soundproof apartment!

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