Overcoming HVAC Noise in NYC

If you’ve lived in New York City for some time, by now you’ve probably accepted the fact that noise will follow you everywhere – and we mean everywhere. In fact, noise complaints continue to be the number one quality of life issue for residents in New York City as a whole. With a population of 8.5 million people, you can understand why. New York takes the award for the highest population density in the United States with around 27,000 people per square mile. On international population density scale, cities in New York and New Jersey rank astonishingly high as well, right behind Montrouge, France and Mislata, Spain.

HVAC Noise in NYC

The infrastructure needed to support such a large volume of NYC inhabitants is obviously quite vast. Because of this, the city is in a never-ending process of renovation and new construction. Although the New York Noise Code attempts to balance the lively reputation of New York with the needs of those who live and work in the city, noise can and will always remain a menace to public health, comfort and prosperity.

One of the most challenging NYC noise complaints in the city are those from exterior building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. HVAC equipment involves generators and rotating machinery that produce incessant noise that can disturb nearby locations. Because HVACs in New York are typically located on roofs of buildings or on the sides of buildings, it is usually a severe nuisance to adjacent buildings in close proximity, interfering with residents’ sleep, work, and relaxation.

Soundproof Window Solutions for HVAC Noise

How can noise be overcome? It’s difficult to completely eliminate noise from building exterior heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment entirely, but there are effective steps that can be taken to significantly mitigate the noise.

If you live or work in New York City, it can be argued that soundproof windows are a necessity for quality of life and peace of mind. Soundproof windows eliminate up to 95% of unwanted, outside noise, giving you the tranquility you need to live and work peacefully in your residence or place of business.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of soundproof windows on HVAC noise, check out this video. One of our clients lives on the fourth floor of an NYC apartment right next to two generators that powered two other nearby apartment buildings, and needed soundproof windows installed to lessen the relentless noise and disturbance from these generators. After a seamless installation, our soundproof team took a video of CitiQuiet soundproof windows when the window was opened and closed, so you can see the difference for yourself:

The CitiQuiet Difference

If you live or work in New York City and experience similar noise disturbances, don’t wait another day to reclaim your serenity. Soundproof windows are one of the best solutions NYC residents can invest in to improve quality of life. The best part about our soundproof windows is it does not impact the existing window even slightly, making it great solution for apartments and rental properties. Our soundproof window is custom made to fit easily adjacent to your window, leaving the original window untouched.

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