The Importance of Installing Sound Proof Windows in Art Galleries

Besides having the ideal design and layout to create a convenient traffic plan for visitors, keeping the noise level at a minimum must also be considered in an art gallery. Installing sound proof Windows will help to control outside noise and allow visitors to completely enjoy and immerse themselves in art.

Art galleries are usually located in areas that are easily accessible to the public. However, this often means that cars, trains, pedestrians, and other sources of noise will be present throughout the day. This is especially true in crowded cities like New York and Los Angeles.

To control and reduce outside noise and enhance their visitors’ viewing pleasure, gallery owners can install modern sound proof Windows made from laminated glass. These act as effective sound barriers that can eliminate up to 95% of existing noise.

Gallery owners also benefit from the ultraviolet light filtration offered by Soundproof Windows. UV rays are known for its photo-degradation properties, causing colors to fade and whites to yellow. Soundproof Windows can filter this element out of light, protecting valuable artwork.

For convenience, gallery owners should choose Windows that can be easily installed on existing Windows of various styles. This way, they won’t have to undergo reconstruction or alterations that may affect the overall design of the building. This also eliminates the need for additional building permits or approvals since a major construction project is not necessary. Furthermore, gallery schedules and visitations can go unaffected.

These Soundproofing Windows are installed just a few inches away from the gallery’s existing Windows, creating dead air space between the panes. Argon or krypton is usually injected into this space to further prevent sound vibrations and to isolate the inner Window from outside noise. As an additional provision, some manufacturers surround the glass panels with spring-loaded seals.

One of the major challenges that art gallery owners face is the preservation of paintings, sculptures, and other works of art to make sure they survive for many years to come. Dirty air from pollution can affect not only human health but also the quality of artwork. When tiny, microscopic particles settle on an item, they can eventually affect its integrity and appearance. According to a research, at least 12% of artwork is affected until the normal human eye can detect any change caused by pollution. Aside from this, humidity can also be a big problem for art galleries as moisture can cause pictures to ripple, encourage fungal growth, and develop brown stains.

Fortunately, some Soundproofing Windows offer 99% reduction of dirt and drafts to ensure the artworks’ longevity. To learn more about these Windows, call (212) 8-SILENCE or visit today.

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