The Truth Behind Window Soundproofing

By Michael Lentin

There are often misconceptions that arise about the art of installing Soundproof Windows. We hear everything from, “my Windows will look weird afterwards,” to “I won’t be able to open them,” and “they’ll break my building code.”

Breathe easy, victims of sound pollution and sleepless nights. Below, you’ll learn what to believe and what not to believe when it comes to installing Soundproof Windows in your apartment, home, or office building.

You remove my existing Window.
False. Contrary to popular belief, we actually don’t touch or tamper with your existing Window in any way. Rather, CitiQuiet adds a second Windowpane on the interior of your current Window, making a barrier of air space between the panes and blocking out unwanted noise. The CitiQuiet Window looks and functions the same as your existing Window, but does not require our team to remove your current Window. Learn more about soundproofing existing windows from our installation guide.

My Windows will look bulky and strange.
False. Many fear that we tamper with the appearance of your current Window, but most customers can’t tell that we’ve changed anything at all. Your Window will appear the exact same as it did before, only now, you can finally relax without the blaring sounds of garbage trucks, trains and taxi horns.

I won’t be able to open and close my Window.
False. We believe in making your life easier, not harder. Not only can you continue to open your Window, you can now open it with greater ease than before. Our Windows allow for simple opening. Rest assured, you will be able to open and close your Window, just as you were before.

Only some sound is blocked.
False. Our Windows are proven to eliminate approximately 95% of noise, making a substantial and noticeable difference to the sound level inside your home.

I will need to remove my air conditioning unit.
False. Since the general aesthetics of your Windows stay the same, your AC unit can stay right where it is. Not only will your Window operate just as it always has, your air conditioning unit will also remain untouched.

I’ll have to deal with messy construction.
False. When we say we deliver “white glove service,” we mean it. Our team arrives at your home wearing booties to prevent tracking any mess onto your floors. Because all Windows are precut before entering your home, you don’t have the added worry of construction noise and disorder. Our goal is to leave your home cleaner than it was before we came in.

Soundproof Window installation will raise my home’s value.
True. Even if you’re looking to move, installing Soundproof Windows is a quick and easy way to raise the real estate value of your home before moving, making it more desirable to potential buyers. This is especially true if potential buyers may otherwise be turned away from the noise surrounding your home (let’s face it: in today’s housing market, every little nuance helps).

My landlord won’t let me install these in my apartment.
False. Most landlords are agreeable to the installation of our Soundproof Windows, especially since all installation is done from the inside, not the outside. The interior aesthetics aren’t tampered with, and if anything, you’re adding value to the space for all future tenants. It’s advised, however, to reach out to your landlord to seek approval prior to installation.

Soundproof Windows aren’t worth the money.
False. Check out what our customers have to say about the difference our Soundproof Windows have made in their daily lives. In addition, there are many long-term health effects brought on by constant exposure to excessive noise pollution including stress, anxiety, and sleep deprivation, just to name a few. In the end, most consider the peace of a good night’s sleep priceless.


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